Sunday, June 12, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of June 12, 2011

Finally! It's time to move forward! Frog has emerged bringing the energy of immersion into new projects and the impetus to forge ahead with those intentions you've been nurturing for the last many months. There's a new feeling of hope and excitement in the air after long days of frustration. It's a time of transformation, fertility and abundance on every level, so do the happy dance on your way out the door.

Business and career matters will take on new life, so dust off the resume and know that this will be a much better time to refresh the job search, initiate new ideas in your business, or start the new enterprise you've been incubating for so long. The energy right now will support these things, so move quickly, as these windows don't come often and you must take advantage of them when they appear.

This is also a great time to listen to other people as they toss around creative ideas, especially if you don't have any particular direction of your own, as something someone says may be just the thing that you could pursue for your own future. For some time the power of your voice will be strong, as will the ideas and advice of others be more creative and on track than usual. Serendipity will smile on all of us, and you may be given just what you need to know or have in order to be able to move forward into success.

There have been many months of stuck energy, but now we're being given a wonderful opportunity to get out of the mire to the degree that we get engaged with the process. It's also a great time to conduct an internal cleanse to freshen and strengthen your physical self. Drink plenty of water, eat high vibrational foods that look as they did when they came out of the ground, exercise enough so that you're really sleepy when you go to bed. 

It's a time for new beginnings, so get into motion!
Blessings, Val

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of June 5, 2011

This isn't a picture of a grackle, but bear with me. As Grackle brings his energy to influence this week, you may find that it's difficult expressing your emotions constructively, but try you must or become the victim of your own failing energy.  You can undermine your life's efforts, your dreams, ambitions & relationships if you don't try to find a creative outlet for the volcanic inner disturbances that can plague you this week. Anger constructively channeled, can lead to solutions, so don't even go to the dark side with anyone who just wants to vent, but isn't interested in healing the situation. You can gently disengage from people who take your energy this way, & look instead for those who support you on your path.  

At this time, angry outbursts may come from feelings of inadequacy & fear, which can morph into projecting all sorts of things onto the people around you. Blame casting will be evident, as well as arguments & justifications which may make no sense at all. You may be tempted to engage & magnify an already senseless situation, but don't do it. Remember, whether you started it or not, this time it's based on something that isn't actually being addressed, & won't be healed by fighting about something else in order to disguise the dysfunction. Look at your own feelings of insecurity & trace them into the present moment to see where they're creating those projections. 

Until there is relief from this stuck place, nothing will move forward & there will be emotional congestion that will take your energy & force your life & relationships into a grinding halt. This is a really good time for an internal review of those places where you feel insecure & afraid, & then look for ways to move forward in spite of the fear. This is the creative use of the energy of Grackle.

Navigate wisely.
Blessings, Val


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 29, 2011

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In the long, cool spring we've had here in Colorado, I'm reminded of Praying Mantis as well of Fox, both of whom have been with us lately. This weather has put on hold some of our warm weather planting and forced us to wait and be still until the temperatures rise a bit more. With Praying Mantis we're reminded again to wait, improve our skills, practice to make them perfect, and act later when the time is right. This energy has come to us in different ways for quite some time, and until it changes, we're best advised to be very patient, because it's still possible that nothing will come of our efforts if we try to push ahead too soon.

Right now there can be false starts, which can lead to unnecessary time wasting. Instead, practice the basics of your skill sets, find anything you might have missed that could help you to master your craft on a higher level. Research new ways of doing things and incorporate them into what you already know. The time for actively moving ahead will come. Patience and optimism are the mantras for now.

For more insight into these energies, please look again at the previous Praying Mantis and Fox postings.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 22, 2011

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Fox brings his energy to us again this week. Magic is in the air if you can discover how to use it for forging new directions and creations as well as developing more eloquence in your powers of manifestation. Many things are now in potential, waiting for the proper moment to emerge. In the mean time, you can practice your skills, whatever they may be. Whether in the arts, finance, athletics, or anything else for which you're passionate, this is the time to work on refining your abilities. This will probably require that you work in solitude for the time being, but it shouldn't be for too long.

Take advantage of Fox energy to watch closely what is going on around you, because the time to act will come and you will want to be ready. You may discover new ways of doing old things, or there could come to you resources to add to and enhance what you're already doing. Expect the unexpected, practice acting as if magic is the most ordinary and commonplace of things, and then you'll be ready when Fox shows up to lead you on your way.  

Blessings, Val

Garden Hose Dilemma

If you have a garden & need a new hose or two for the summer, please read the label it comes with. We just tried to replace all of our hoses with some from Black & Decker & thankfully Tom read the message on the back of the label. There was a warning not to drink out of this hose, as it "contains lead & other chemicals that are known to cause cancer." This means of course that we shouldn't water our vegetable gardens with it, nor allow our children or pets to drink from it or play in it. Who knew? Please pass this along to all of your gardening friends.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 15, 2011

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Praying Mantis gives us space to stay still, as stillness is the key to everything with this elegant creature. Now is the time to start a new meditation practice, sit quietly beneath the trees & just listen to their voices, take up Tai Chi, or anything that appeals to you  which will take you closer to your inner world. Watch & listen, really process what you're taking in, then be prepared to do something with the insights you receive. Even if you find yourself sitting alone at a coffee shop, turn off the cell phone & really look at what is going on around you. Ask for wisdom from your surroundings.

In relationships make sure you're retaining your autonomy, remaining true to who you are - your beliefs, ideals & ethics. Don't allow anyone else to derail you from your dream path, because at this time you may find yourself being consumed by a partner or lover. Deceit & betrayal could be part of the action right now since you may not be aware of all of the elements of the situation. It may be time to pull a stealthy move away from this affair.

Mantis tells you that you may be out of step, too hasty or not paying enough attention, or maybe just spread out too far in too many directions. By cultivating stillness, reacquainting yourself with  your own inner world, free of the influences of the outer chaos of our culture, you will gain power over the things that obstruct your way. There is nothing wiser than your inner self, no wisdom greater than that which you give to yourself, so be still & listen. 

Blessings, Val

Monday, May 9, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 8, 2011

The energy for this week may put us into situations where we find that only sharp or aggressive responses to difficult situations seem appropriate. Gecko will attack to protect himself, so be prepared at this time to defend your space, whether it's an ideological position, moral stand, or something more mundane like some sort of a competition or threat in the everyday world. There's strife in the air & Gecko's energy will help you to know whether it's appropriate to fight or to cut & run. 

The decisions you make now will be important in disengaging from people & situations that are immobilizing you, taking your energy, & sabotaging your efforts. There might be things that have been going on that are simply nuisances, but which must be gotten rid of.  Some people stick like glue to you, trying to live through your life instead of their own. Now is the time to speak sharply if you have to in order to reclaim your own space & energy. If you can do this, you will be able to get free &, better yet, avoid entangling yourself with that kind of energy again. Resolving these conflicts peacefully is always to be hoped for, but if you're not being heard, then disengaging completely may be your only option at this time.

Gecko, being nocturnal, invites you to enjoy the nourishment of the nighttime hours when peace & relief from the ambient day time energies can be found. With all of the electronic gadgets in use in the world, all of that static is in the air all of the time, but is lessened at night. With the clearing of the energy, you can take nourishment from the environment & restore yourself for the coming day. Listen to the night sounds, hear your own thoughts, send prayers of gratitude, ask for guidance or whatever seems to be what you need now. Dreams will be important this week, as they will show you where you need to clear obstructions from your life. Detach & feel more serenity.

Blessings, Val