Astrology and Numerology

Tom Parks provides astrology and numerology readings for people around the globe.  Services include but are not limited to:
  • Natal Charts
  • Yearly Forecasts
  • Event Timing
  • Relationship Guidance
  • Karma, Past Lives and the Circumstances They Can Engender
  • New Moon Intention Charts
  • Life Path, Personal Year, and Other Numerological Guideposts
"I have been an astrologer for many years, specializing my practice in psychology and spirituality. Combining numerology into my readings has widened my perspective and allowed clients to understand and utilize their inner process and life’s purpose to greater depths.

"I believe that we have all chosen our personal planetary alignments before we were born, and that by becoming aware of these alignments we can work through our life’s lessons and maximize our potential to achieve our heart’s desires. I know that as the aspects change in a person’s chart over their lifetime, there are periods when the energies are dynamic for great change and progress whether in the physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual domains.

"My wish is for everyone to experience more love and peace, success and harmony in their lives."
Readings are helpful whenever an important event is to take place, such as a critical business meeting, signing a contract, moving, vacationing, having a serious medical treatment, changing job or career. Many of Tom's clients have sessions with him every year on their birthdays, as well as shorter appointments when an important life change comes up unexpectedly. He can help you to navigate these energies. The quarters of the seasons, summer and winter solstices and spring and fall equinoxes are important times when the energies change for the earth and her people, and an astrological overview can be valuable in determining the qualities of these energies. The new moon is a pivotal time each month when we can begin anew in some way depending on where this moon falls in our personal chart; Tom can provide a mini-map for the coming lunar month.

Astrology in no way takes away your power to determine your own destiny, but instead enhances the quality of life by bringing understanding and clear vision when the energy in your life shifts in some way that may be confusing or frightening. Tom can help to bring calm, wisdom, and empowerment to your decision-making, and new energy and serenity to your actions.

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