About Tom and Val

Astrologer Tom Parks creates each chart individually and reviews it with you personally over the phone. Rather than simply emailing a chart accompanied by a simple interpretation, Tom provides a one-on-one experience with you so that your reading provides the answers you want to the questions you have. Topics can range through career, health, relationships, past life issues, travel, moving your home or business, scheduling personal and professional events,  karmic eventualities and more. Having this kind of guidance opens perception that goes beyond simply the event or inner circumstance you may be experiencing; you will be more easily able to see what blocks to success may appear, what energies are helping you along, or even whether or not you might be better off waiting for a better time to move ahead. Many of Tom's clients consult him for scheduling important business meetings, signing important documents, taking vacations and even the best time for a wedding.

Inner blockages, their causes, and the lessons that need to be learned from them are among some of the most asked questions Tom gets from his clients. This is perhaps the most important use of astrology, because by understanding the root causes of the outer events in your world, you can overcome them to greater or lesser degrees and move on without that baggage. Tom believes that the outer world manifests, for better or worse, as a reflection of what we've brought with us from other lifetimes, from the past in this life, and from our core beliefs about ourselves and our world because of the past. All of these components can be found in our astrological charts, as well as the strengths we brought into this life which we can use to overcome the past. Tom can help you to understand and to use the available energies to evolve beyond whatever may be holding you back.

Tom's business has grown for many years through word-of-mouth from his clients who find his readings to be enormously helpful on many levels.  Most people schedule  longer sessions with him three or four times a year, with shorter visits when unexpected life events occur.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Tom can provide readings to anyone around the globe. If you happen to live in Denver, he is also available for face-to-face sessions at Herbs and Arts as well as the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Book Store. Tom's rates are $50 for half an hour, & $80 for an hour. He will tape your session for you for $5.


 Val Parks is an Animal Intuitive who can help you with issues of nutrition, behavior, healing old hurts and anxieties, clarifying misinterpretations between animals or between animals and their people. She is able to discover your pet's real name, the one he wants you to use. Val can help your animal friends to handle change in the home whether it's around moving, a new baby, marriage, divorce, illness, or any of the numbers of other events that can overtake us as part of our travels on this planet.

Diet and nutrition can be the cause of so many problems in an animals life, especially with the dubious nature of commercial dog foods these days; Val can help with this, because each food has an energetic marker that shows up as she scans your pet's body. She can also help with knowing how much pain your pet may have from injury, old trauma or illness, and from this you can have a clearer idea of what course of therapy to take.

Fear, anxiety and obsessive behaviors most often come from events and circumstances in the past that the animal is unable to release for some reason. Sometimes your pet simply doesn't understand or believe that his circumstances have changed, and that the scary things or people from the past are really gone forever and that he's safe now. Val can bring new levels of clarity, new perceptions, and healing to these situations so your pet can move on with new confidence and joy.

If you suspect that your animal companion is approaching the end of her life, whether from illness or old age, Val can help you to discover what your friend wants to do. Is she ready to transition? Does she want to go at home, and if so, does she want to have the help of a vet, or does she want to leave naturally, in her own way and in  her own time? One of the most profound and beautiful experiences we can have is to honor the wishes of our best friends at the ends of their lives, but we can't know what they want unless we ask them.

I also offer colored light therapy for animals. This modality can be wonderfully effective for all sorts of conditions whether physical, mental or emotional. For this work I need a photograph of your pet so I can establish the energetic connection between us. Light therapy sessions are $20 each, or $90 for five. We will make appointments for connecting on the phone so you can give me feedback about your pet's reactions & we can adjust the therapy accordingly.

Val does all of her sessions over the phone, Wednesday-Saturday, between 10am & 4pm mountain time. The fee is $50 for the first half hour, $70 for 45 minutes, & $80 for an hour. Many people keep me on a retainer so they can call anytime & just have a short check-up.

Contact Tom or Val at (303) 692-9299 to schedule a session.