Animal Intuitive Sessions

What can a session with an Animal Intuitive do for you and your pet?

Work with behavior problems caused by abuse, grieving, abandonment, boredom and other factors. It can be difficult for animals to understand that their circumstances have changed and that they are no longer in danger, subject to abuse, or alone if a former owner has died, moved or abandoned them. If you have adopted a new companion, it's important to let them know from the beginning that they are home forever and safe with you. From that point, we can work on problems such as grieving, self-esteem issues, the humiliation that can come from abandonment, and many others.

We can find out what your pet really loves and what she hates. Many misunderstandings come from working at cross purposes with your animal companion. Whether it is a dog who just doesn't want to do agility, a cat who wants to be an only child, a bird who's lonely, a lizard who hates your music, or a bunny who needs more sunshine, we can smooth things over.

She will tell us her "real name" so we can address her correctly.The name an animal loves is just as important to them as it is to you.

We can figure out if there's something that hurts, or something that doesn't sit well in the tummy. All physical issues have energetic footprints, and I can help you to understand what may be bothering your animal friend, which could also suggest a therapeutic course of action. Nutritional issues are basic to many health and behavior problems, and pet foods have energetic markers that can identify how they are affecting your best friend.

We can help make peace between animals in the same house, or we can help animals get along with the neighbors. Anything that changes in the home should also be addressed: new baby, new animal(s), moving to a new home, divorce, illness, death, etc. All of these changes and more can have effects that will affect a pet's behavior, health and general well-being.

The animals will tell us their secrets, and ours are safe with them. Animals have wonderful senses of humor, and they may make observations about us and our lives that are insightful and wise.

A session with an animal intuitive can bring understanding, changed perceptions and healing on many levels. It can bring healing to old hurts, grudges and misunderstandings. You can learn about why they seem to be pushing your buttons, or why you're pushing theirs. You can even find out why this particular animal chose you, and what lessons you have to learn from one another. See if the two of you are "mirroring" each other.

Communication with animals in their language and on their terms opens up for us a world that has always been there, but to which we have had to learn to gain access. An animal intuitive can help you to enter this realm where our fellow creatures have so much to share with us.

Please join me on this adventure!
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