Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mars Squares Neptune, Mercury Trines Neptune

Mars in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius affecting spirituality, belief systems, regeneration and transformation now through October 26th, with its exact aspect on October 22nd. Difficulties in trying to accomplish things, outbursts of unexpected emotion, argumentative behavior or turf conflicts are possible. Chiron, the asteriod of the wounded healer as well as the quest for truth, joins Neptune and adds uncertainty and psychological dis-ease. Handle these influences with sensitivity, a clear mind and an open heart. Pushing your agenda or the emotional buttons of others will only aggravate an already peculiar and fussy few weeks. Accomplish what you can when circumstances warrant a better than average chance for success, otherwise wait until these aspects end in order to move forward, particularly with your beliefs and in your spiritual practices. Be aware of the likelihood of accidents or unexpected emotional outbursts.

Mercury in Libra trines Neptune in Aquarius starting today and continuing through October 22, having its greatest influence on October 18th, bringing ease, depth, and greater intuition and understanding in communication, relationships, the arts, beauty, and spirituality. In addition, Mercury and Chiron's effects can temper the current energy and uncertainty of Mars conflicting with Neptune. You feel more confident in what you are saying and believing now. Journaling and quiet contemplation will bring insight and a deepening of your spiritual beliefs, faith, as well as offering greater encouragement and understanding of your psychological and emotional states. Taking action and moving forward may be more fruitful on the 18th. Give focus and time to your creative interests and projects now, and experience a greater sense of accomplishment and success as well.

Meditate upon the tarot's Six of Swords to help you navigate any difficult or turbulent currents as you make your way toward calmer waters.

Blessings, Tom

Friday, October 8, 2010

Venus Retrogrades for 6 weeks .....

Venus, the planet of love, attraction, beauty, the arts and resources, begins its retrograde phase today for about 6 weeks, until November 18th when it stations and returns to its direct motion. In the sign of Scorpio, Venus is in its detriment or at its weakest influence until Nov. 7th, and then it re-enters Libra when it has greater effect because Venus rules Libra. Retrograde motion refers to the 're-doing' of something; for example, rethinking, reconfiguring, re-balancing, re-solidifying; possibly re-establishing your foundations, relationships, creativity, and whatever needs reexamining or thoughtful introspection is best accomplished now. The time to take action most effectively with these new insights is when Venus reaches the degree at which it first retrograded, which in this case would be Dec. 19th.

During this phase, you may experience old grievances or hurts, visit old situations and past ways of behaving, or be challenged psychologically or emotionally in unexpected situations. Old jealousies, frustrations, unjust comparisons toward others or competitiveness within or between relationships may suddenly surface. The universe may provide you with valuable lessons in any uncharted area or unproven ground. These challenges mean new ways of processing and responding, and you will feel supported in these endeavors when you look within. Be still and accept the lesson and what it has to offer you in order to further evolve. Demonstrate your best resolve and patience, and choose your words kindly, being mindful to monitor your feelings and show them respectfully. Seek the help of your loved ones and those you trust if you feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to handle yourself in these sticky psychologically potent times.

When Venus returns to Libra on Nov. 7th, it carries a stronger influence for what you are trying to accomplish, and you may feel more certain of where you're, going and stronger in your feelings about what to do. What major actions or changes you take will probably work better after Dec. 19th. You have ample time in order to plan and process how you will resolve a conflict or repair a wounded heart. Write in your journal daily to deepen how your feel about what you're working on, and experience it from all angles. Let your intuition guide you in your daily writing. Rehashing any old business gives you not only new insights, but it can release stress and tension and allow you to face the upset or challenge in ways that align your
subconscious with your conscious mind, avoiding any missteps or self-sabotage on your part. Dialogging with your inner self is empowering and regenerating, and with Venus retrograde opportunities for renewal and transformation are available as are the lessons necessary for your soul's growth.

Use the energy of the tarot's XIX The Sun to help you because it embodies a sense of joy and will help offset any difficulties Venus retrograde might represent.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Animal Totem Energy for the Week of Oct. 3
The wild & haunting call of the Loon invites you to come into the wilderness of your dreams to travel unafraid with the ideas & images that are always the most reliable guidance you have. Those metaphors that emerge from the very depths of your being can be terribly frightening nightmares or supremely inspiring illuminations, but whichever they are, they are yours alone & belong only to you. Perhaps they re-hash unfinished business from the past, which you must re-visit, understand more completely, forgive & release, or there might appear some unlikely & creative way for dealing with circumstances in the present. Your dreams will often help guide you into the future as well. A warning could appear as you contemplate a new opportunity or option, or a signal light shines about someone with whom you are thinking about becoming involved. A spiritual path could be illuminated for you, or a new guide or teacher might appear. Some of these things will probably deserve more attention this week.

Loon is not too graceful on land, but is a great adept in the water, the element of the emotions. Ask Loon to help you grow & strengthen in that area, for the ability to cleanly process your emotions & to read correctly those of others will always put you far ahead in understanding your place & purpose in the circumstances of your life. This way always starts with the past & any leftover baggage of hurt, resentment, or misunderstanding, as well as the past promise of all of the hopes, dreams, & desires, fulfilled or not, that you may still be carrying around. Ask Loon to help you clear the way for this process of releasing & forgiveness.

Loon's haunting voice always reminds me of Spirit asking me to remember my inner world if I have strayed, & to pay attention to the dreams I have for my future that may have gotten put aside in the hypnotic round of everyday life. Spirit wants us to be happy, & creativity is a part of that happiness. Dreams are the way we begin the process of imaginatively manifesting new directions in our lives from the raw material being gifted to us from the depths of our souls. Loon can help us to bring those gifts to the surface. Don't compromise by turning your back on something that to the conscious mind may seem out of reach. Absolutely anything can happen!

Loon carries her young on her back to keep them safe & warm. Just so, you can carry your dreams safely hidden within until you have given them time to mature, & to protect them from the potentially unconscious & insensitive opinions of others. Many cultures teach that telling someone your most precious thoughts will drain the power from them, so keep your dreams in your dream-pack securely on your back. You will know intuitively when it's time to present them to the world of your soul circle friends.

I hope your week will be cosmic & filled with wonderful visions for you.
Blessings, Val

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mercury's Difficulties with Pluto

Mercury conflicts with Pluto possibly bringing major communication glitches, inconsistencies, setbacks, delays, and most likely power struggles in your relationships, your healing work, jobs or with your artistic adventures and creations. This planetary alignment begins today, continues through next week, and it will certainly foster uneasy times with trying to be heard or in getting your point across. Loved ones and bosses may bring up touchy subjects which require you to be more patient than usual, so by all means listen carefully and allow your emotions to complement what you are communicating. You may experience more heated discussions, differing opinions or all out verbal fights. Use forethought and clear judgment in picking what you want to talk about, delaying that touchy situation to resolve later; you may find a better outcome toward the end of next week. Snags or delays may occur in getting done what you want; again, those projects which rely mainly on conversation or the written word, require extra time and reasoning. Remember that a touch of honey-love attracts the best in everyone and brings greater joy and compassion to all.

Early next week, Saturn joins this arrangement and can offer greater stability when seeking clarity and understanding, and will bring more peaceful outcomes to your concerns involving others. Workplace problems can find resolutions now, because of Saturn's influence. Don't wait for your colleagues or boss to step in for you, but take the initiative yourself and follow your heart to find the wisdom and guidance which leads to success. All situations are for your greatest good, even if that is not immediately apparent. Trust that what you say and do will guide you where you need to be.

Meditate upon the tarot's Six of Swords for a deeper understanding of this energy. In this card, even though we're in the middle of an unsteady flow, we are still moving into calmer waters and away from the white water current.

Blessings, Tom