Saturday, April 30, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 1, 2011

Fox shapeshifts into our lives this week bringing magic & mysterious peeks beyond the veil. This energy is a wonderful tool for expanding your skills in reaching other realms where you can access levels of consciousness & states of mind that may be new & uplifting for you. You may find that your senses are heightened, which will enable you to hone in on what will be of benefit & what will just get in your way. Watch out for anything that seems too good to be true or too easily attained - probably something isn't right.

This is a good time to keep your plans to yourself, remembering the strength in silence. Fox will wait & watch until the moment is perfect for leaping on her prey, spending little energy & moving in perfect quiet. Learn the art of invisibility, for if you are able to be still & listen, you will gather information which will serve you later on.

Fox enjoys solitude, & will spend long periods of time alone perfectly happily. This is a good time to withdraw from jumping around in the outside world & spend more time with yourself & with those activities which nourish & support your inner well-being. Lift the veil aside & see where Fox will invite you to go. This can be a time of great mystery, so watch & wait until your time to act becomes clear.

Blessings, Val

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Venus and Others Square Pluto - April 26, 2010

Today continues with another in a list of planets again squaring Pluto, and as a consequence the time to accept changes in our consciousness is upon us. We may need change in those areas we least favor, such as fear, doubt, dis-ease, disenfranchisement, worry or any lack relating to the self.  When Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (since April 20th and now through May 3rd), we need to be extremely vigilant about how we proceed to bring new experiences, new relationships or other new things into our lives.  Whatever we start may take unexpected and challenging twists and turns before it really feels right, justified and compassionate.  Along with a greater sense of doubting ourselves now, we may feel reluctance or resistance to try out new relationships or new ways of being.  Certainly, please be careful and cautious about your finances,  seemingly hopeful economic prospects or ventures, and adventures which appear too tantalizing to believe.  This is not the time to experiment, unless you have the backing of all interested and believing partners or related groups.

While Jupiter in Aries was squaring Pluto in Capricorn (from the middle of January 2011 until the end of March 2011) as well as Mars squaring Pluto (from the beginning of April until April 20th, 2011), also Mercury (from March 10th through March 17th, 2011), and through the continuing Uranus square Pluto, we have witnessed precarious starts, sidetracks or setbacks in our economic situations, possibly difficulties in our relationships, a lack of a sense of security about now and the future, and  some feelings of futility in what we are doing as not being exactly right for us. Waves of disappointment, anger,  mistrust, jealously and futility about how to manage change have met us in areas where transformation has to happen.  I do not intend to sound overly grim about these times; however, it's appropriate now to be realistic about our need to change what isn't working or hasn't for quite a while.  Whatever is old or unused in our "closet of the self" needs our prompt examination and those images, confidences, trials or difficulties we have encountered lately have to be moved away from, thrown away and forgiven.  Whatever avenue dries up, Spirit will open up two more in its place.

In the search for a new job or career, search in new, novel ways, replace the old by widening your prospects in new fields. Reinvent your job by finding how you can apply your skills  differently to open employers' eyes in new ways.  For example, your teaching or counseling career may fit the general field of research, technical writing, editing or publishing.  Or be adventuresome and open with your creativity by applying for positions in the arts, or maybe become a supervisor in an unrelated area.  Try painting , sculpting or crocheting and create your own line to market. Now see yourself doing this new job: visualize as well as deeply feel yourself creating that unique opportunity outside your normal field of expertise.  Change takes courage as well as strength, and you deserve to have that feeling of succeeding in all that you choose to accomplish.   

Perhaps, the greatest avenues open to you now are those in your inner life.  Sit quietly in a comfortable place, and surround yourself with supporting and loving energy. Now visualize what would create more happiness, joy and security in your life. Is it more friends, a better sense of self, more security and self confidence, a new pet, the time and ways to be more creative? Next, whatever comes to mind, note and record it in writing, in drawing or by taping. Do this two other times when you have the space over the next week. Do not share your findings with anyone else until you have completed these three sessions, and are confident that what surfaces is for you alone. Allow your inner child  and your inner artist to be a part of this experience. Feel fresh, renewed, invigorated and supported from the inside outward. You'll be amazed at what occurs for you that can transform your way of accomplishing  things when you start by allowing your inner self a voice. When it feels right, try one of your new ideas and experience how freeing it can feel. What we value and what grounds us comes from our searching within.

With all this Aries' fire energy affecting Capricorn's earth element is it any wonder why for months now we have felt this way.  At times distracted and defeated, and we wonder how can we ever change what seems challenging now.  When we summon our strength and inner wisdom, everything seems possible again. The energy lightens, and the new opens and prospers. We explore new adventure and are offered new opportunities, those which seem to have previously been unreachable and unattainable until now.

Use the energy and wisdom of IV The Emperor in the tarot cards to guide you with more certainty, conviction and strength in what you pursue and accomplish during these times. He is the master of manifestation and will help you gain the energy and determination to come through these times with something to show for it!

Blessings and success on your journeys, Tom

Monday, April 25, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of April 24, 2011

Salamander comes into our lives this week to awaken us to the need for a supportive & creative environment from which we are able to draw strength & inspiration.  Look around & assess whether or not the people & the environment itself in which you find yourself are endorsing your energy & aspirations, or are undermining influences. When was the last time you did a thorough energy cleansing of your space? Have you used the smudge stick & the essential oil Myrrh every week or do you let it slide? Everyone with whom you come into contact carries their own energies & some will bring unwanted entities, spirits & other attachments into your space, so you will want to scour out all of the corners, closets & cubbies where you live & work. When an unwanted entity gets into your space it can disrupt business, health & over all  sense of happiness & well-being. Refuse to allow anything that is unlike love to enter your space.
In a clear & nourishing environment, Salamander can bring answers & solutions, inspiration, support, nourishment & provender from unexpected sources & in unusual ways. Remain open this week to receive information, direction & resources from people, books, animals or other streams which you might otherwise disregard or marginalize. There will be exciting inspiration that, if followed, can bring you to an entirely different level than you've been at lately. Salamander breathes through his skin, so emulate him & work this week to inhale from the universe whatever you need to move forward. Remember, Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor, so what you get could come in some very amusing ways. Laugh & live in gratitude.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of April 17, 2011

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Cicada emerges this week to announce pleasures & joys from the past that will appear in our lives. These may be from long ago in this life, or from an actual past life when someone comes to you who seems like an old friend from the very first moment you meet. It's a time of offers & opportunities, invitations & proposals, which will come unexpectedly.

Past lives can become important now, & working with a reputable past life therapist could be very helpful for digging out & understanding the  benefits from other lifetimes that you've brought with you into this life, as well as the healing & goodness that still remains in the relationships you have in this time that have also traveled with from other times. There can be too much emphasis on the karmic debts we have & the heavy baggage we have carried with us from other incarnations, so this week's energy will help to balance us in the positive things we can glean from our past. Spontaneous past life experiences & dreams are possible now, so keep a notebook handy.

Renewing old ties can be very rewarding right now. Let these experiences come to you rather than searching them out yourself, which will ensure that whatever comes to you will be what you need at this moment, & will give you the experiences through which you will most benefit. 
Cicada reminds us of the childlike joy we all need to savor from time to time ~ something too often forgotten. This isn't a frantic chasing after our pleasures, but a deep immersion in the innocent joy of the inner child.

Have a beautiful week.
Blessings, Val