Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 30, 2011

Spiritual perception & creativity are heightened this week as Scarlet Macaw guides you through what may be some strange visions. Trust what you see even if it doesn't seem to make sense. If you make art, turn these specters into something beautiful & meaningful.

This is a time to align with your emotions. Trust what you feel as long as it takes you in a productive direction, but if your emotions seem to be getting in your way, then it's time to re-evaluate the age level from which you're reacting. Has you inner five year-old emerged because of fear or anger? Does that anger have its foundations in fear? It's very important right now to get to the bottom of destructive emotions & find a way to release them in a positive & healing fashion. Macaw advises you to pay attention to how your emotions may be affecting your health. Discover ways to dissipate unwanted energies that can leave you feeling vulnerable to accidents or passing viruses. Trace minerals can be beneficial at this time.

Your spiritual life could become very energized at this point, so record absolutely everything in your journal - you may not understand until later what all the commotion was about, but at least you will have written it all down. This is not so much a time for listening to other people, whether spiritual friends or teachers, but rather to look & listen within & be amazed at what new insights & wisdom your own highest self has been accumulating for you. This is where you will always find your best teacher anyway. Most of the time we rely on the flow from the outside going in from books & teachers, but now it's time to work the energy in the opposite direction. So, put away the books for awhile & simply be still & listen.

Macaw heralds a long period of creativity, which could change your life & point it off in a new direction. There are so many potential outlets for this energy from cooking to sculpture, writing to interior design, landscape gardening to sewing beautiful clothing! Allow yourself to soar. Don't veto anything, as that passing vision could be the inspiration for a new life path. During these times of such huge changes on our planet, your personal world & inner life are trying to mirror the vast influences around you. You can can react with fear & anger, or revel in the opportunities the energy offers. I hope you will turn fear into beauty, anger into inspiration.

Blessings, Val

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturn retrogrades Jan. 25th, Jupiter enters Aries Jan. 22nd

Steady yourself again, for the roller coaster ride continues. When Saturn in Libra goes retrograde today (11:09 PM mst), and tomorrow unfavorably interacts with Mercury in Capricorn, it's time to re-examine or restructure your security bases.Your effectiveness and sense of direction in what you want to accomplish with your personal and social relationships, in your career, and generally in your business affairs will need a look. If you feel ungrounded, uncertain or even unappreciated, take this opportunity to look at what you're expecting to happen that you think will solve your problems. As hard as it may be to acknowledge, it is something stuck within you which triggers these reactions and that awaits your courage to investigate. The way that you react to difficult or unpleasant information, a spat with a loved one that is left unresolved, or a sudden change in a project at work which no one informed you about will be all important. Remember, it's not the weather, but how you react to the weather that sets the course for your day.

This week, in particular, give yourself license to reflect, to journal or discuss your concerns with that compassionate friend, and take action next week should you regain your perspective and see clearly what to do. Any important communications will be better made next week as well. If that is not possible and you must relay difficult things to others, be patient, go slowly and allow them time to process what you are saying.

Troublesome astrological influences are never easy to understand and manage.
This Saturn retrograde period until June 12th may help you deepen your insight and intuition, and reevaluate how you relate to groups, whether they be community, national or global. You may focus on friendships, find new ones, re-connect to older ones, or allow those not helpful ones to fall away. Your long held dreams may need to be reinvigorated, readjusted or updated to fit your current circumstances. Remember that letting go of the old or outdated allows the universe to give you now what you will most need or value in the future.

Last Saturday, January 22nd Jupiter re-entered Aries (10:11 AM mst) and will stay until June 4th, 2011, after being in the sign of the Ram last June 6th through September 8th, 2010. Being in a fire sign allows Jupiter to feel more comfortable and energetically compatible; however, its influences are not without challenges. The optimism, opportunity, faith, spirituality and long-journeying, all signatures of Jupiter are initially challenged by Pluto and soon by Saturn gone retrograde. This will possibly muddy your vision, demand discipline and vigilance to keep you on your course of action, as well as allowing differing points of view to be heard and incorporated into your own perspectives. The strong will of the Aries' influence may make it seem as if doing things without the input or help of others is just easier and more expedient, but without the careful consideration of what others offer, things will probably not work for the greater good in your business or in your personal life. Keep your vision sharp and clear and proceed compassionately and carefully should disruptive or troublesome issues arise. Being passionate and action oriented to the exclusion of what others may offer will not be the best way to handle these sometimes conflicting energies.

Give yourself additional time to process what you're doing before you start anything. Be sure to exercise regularly and meditate more to release stress and to feel restored again. Maintain and strengthen your spiritual practices, and push yourself to explore new inner lessons in order to continue growing. Pay attention to your animals, play with them often, and learn from them how to stay in the moment and be happy. Donate your time or resources to an animal shelter or rescue and see how that uplifts your spirit. Jupiter and Aries bring out action and bigness of opportunity. Set yourself free to be that greater self and brighten the hearts of your work colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Using the energies of the Ten of Swords in the Tarot can be a great meditation for
ending old cycles and beginning new ones in the realm of the mind; beliefs and your ideologies can change radically under this influence. This card also warns against allowing yourself to indulge in self-pity or melodrama.

Blessings, Tom

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 23, 2011

Crow comes flapping & cawing into our space to remind us that magic's afoot. This energy brings mystery, strange & unexpected new circumstances, as well as the potential for forcing us to face some deep fears. Whether through accident, illness or events originating in the outer community, we may have to pull up & pay attention to something our higher self wants us to know. Whatever happens now will be highly symbolic, mirroring our own internal conditions or those in the collective consciousness. For better or worse, we will be forced to look at the truth of our own thoughts, beliefs & attitudes.

Communal activities will probably go better than those undertaken in solitude. Creativity can be fertile ground for manifesting, but be open to things coming about oddly. Step back from conscious-mind interpretations. Let your intuition be the guide, as it will make more sense right now than trying to reason things through. For example, if you find yourself brought down by illness, take a look at how you've been approaching life lately. Have you been getting enough good food, rest & exercise, or have you allowed yourself to get worn down & overextended so you're vulnerable? Everything is connected, & this time is perfect for ferreting out the hidden reasons for the situations in which you might find yourself now.

Crow is very opportunistic, & will steal what he wants. Watch your valuables, including your time & energy. Do not allow to be stolen what you cannot afford to lose.

Leave room for magic this week.

Blessings, Val

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Transitioning Full Moons at 29 Degrees - Jan.19, 2011

Tomorrow's 29' Cancer full moon (2:22 PM mst) is the 4th in a series which began last October with a 29' Aries full moon; this heralds the beginning of the last months of releasing the old and outdated, what's done, or what needs a new approach or perspective, or what needs to be forgiven and released. This letting go is essential in order to graduate to the next level of learning and consciousness, which for these two moons concerns one's higher self, spiritual practices and higher learning, or collectively what has been lurking in the unconscious. Whatever has restricted, confined or trapped us in any way needs to go.

For November's full moon at 29' Taurus, business, financial, societal or outer consciousness ways of being, outmoded and unfair practices, methods, or otherwise stuck issues had to be released. This allowed all of us to begin the recovery back to abundance, prosperity, and in our consciousness, the merging of our feminine and masculine sides. In this way we can transform ourselves with this newer and more solid foundation so we can gain a settled sense of psychological health, and emotional and spiritual well-being. Many of us have experienced such shifts in energy both in our inner being and with outside influences so that we have not been clear, focused or steady with anything that we are trying to initiate, adjust or accomplish. It seems as if the other shoe has not dropped, and our old ones no longer fit.

And concerning last December's full moon and solar eclipse, our letting go and forgiving seemed to focus on friendships, groups, our dreams and wishes, and humanitarian or ecological concerns. We may have freed up our intuition to serve our needs more effectively or had insights into what could be a more glorious, positive and fruitful future. Some of these veils of mental cloudiness and general dis-ease at where we seem to be going needed to be acknowledged, forgiven and released. When our glass is full, even with confusion and doubts, we still need to dump them and move on to new places.

Back to the 29' Cancer full moon which involves Uranus, Jupiter, the asteroids Juno and Vesta; this will yield more direct and challenging influences and activities concerning your loved ones, home-life and relatives in general, as well as your spiritual learning and practices or possibly things hidden in your unconscious, which until now were hidden or difficult to give up. Increasing your physical activities in the form of exercise, yoga or additional meditation will work to ease these current planetary energies. Writing in your journal or doing art are creative ways to process how you have been feeling or what you would not want to tell another if they they have been difficult or annoying. Rant in your journal or in your drawings, and come to a higher place in understanding yourself and forgiving those who come as your challenges. Watch what you project now onto anyone or any animal who may be troubling, and instead see how what they are doing may really be something you do as well. What is important now is to challenge yourself and not others, make progress on those hard personal lessons which will allow your relationships to prosper and grow in love, understanding and compassion. These are the times in relationships when karmic ties can be processed, released and forgiven or made more challenging and ingrained, and the choice is yours. Your spiritual family can be of greater assistance to you now in not only helping you to figure out what has been bugging you but in providing you with behavioral alternatives or unexpected opportunities in understanding yourself now.

And remember February's Leo full moon completes the cycle of these five 29 degree moons, all of which offer you advantages and opportunities to turn the corner in self-understanding by release all that feels stuck in whatever is happening in your life. Do take this time to quietly examine where you are and where you'd like to go in order to more fully realize who you are. Your loved ones and friends will see how you've changed and grown.

Use the influence of the Six of Pentacles, which helps you to claim the fruits of your labors. This is the card of giving and receiving, as well as guarding against being bought off by someone who may not have your best interests at heart.

Blessings, Tom

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 16, 2011

Caterpillar visits once more to encourage you in all you're creating. The process has been a long one & isn't yet finished, but there's much beauty in the very process itself. As you work, remind yourself that the more energy you put toward your goal, the more energy will follow, & this upward spiral will take you to completion. If you're tired, rest; if you're hungry, then eat, but don't allow distractions to make you lose sight of your goal.

There's a lot of good information available to you now through your intuition, as well as from your emotional body. Listen to that inner voice, ask for relevant dreams, write down everything that comes to mind, for there may be real treasure for the taking. Allow for corrections to take place as the process unfolds; be flexible, as this will save time later. The Universe knows what your best outcome is once you have put the intention out there, so just don't assume you know everything about how to get there. The variety of experience available to you now is really vast if you will work diligently & approach quietly the inner well of resource.

Watch for predators; camoflage well your work so it will remain hidden & strong until it's ready for the world to see. Don't allow the opinions of others, no matter how well intentioned to undermine your efforts. Remember that much jealousy can be hidden behind a smile.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 9, 2011

Photo: Gerd Rossen

Black Bird visits this week to guide us through some emotional intensity & self-doubt that may crop up. The people around you may seem to push all your red buttons, circumstances will conspire to test all our weakest places, and as a result, you may suffer inappropriate emotional outbursts that are apt to damage relationships in many areas. You can be left with feelings of guilt, which you'll have to heal with apologies. Make special efforts to avoid giving into road rage at this time; I just let other drivers win the race, & most often we end up at the next light at exactly the same time. The flower essence or essential oil of pine can help alleviate & bring peace to these highly charged emotional states. Diffuse the oil at home, & put some on a cotton pad in your car's ashtray to send you on your way in calm serenity.

On a more positive note, Black Bird can remind you to channel overheated emotions into creative areas. If you like to do art, this is the perfect time to reach deeply into these waters & get out onto paper, canvas, clay, into dance, cooking or the written word all that roils up from the depths. Get plenty of exercise, indulge in healthy foods; treat yourself well as you process, because emotions gone unprocessed can literally make you sick. They can also sabotage your efforts in any area at all as long as they go unrecognized.

Remember that you may not be seeing things clearly at this time, so allow for a later change of heart. You may talk yourself out of things that will be important to revisit in the future, so take notes & don't throw anything away.

Working with the emotions can be so liberating, but you have to actually do something to change them rather than just getting through them. These conscious actions will bring healing, movement & space to breathe. Whatever comes along acting as the trigger this week is sent to allow you the opportunity to free yourself from the past & move into the future differently than before.

Move safely this week.
Blessings, Val

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Rolland Needs A New Home

Black Dogs Rule!!!!!!!
Rolland is a 6-7 year old neutered male hound blend. Being a mature gentleman, he is calm and well socialized. He like cats, dogs, and children. He will be a very low maintenance member of your family, not requiring a lot of time. Help him keep the smile on his face... take him home today! His adoption fee has been greatly reduced.Please Call the Fremont County Humane Society in Canon City, CO @ 719 275-0663, or Lynn Gartland, volunteer @719 371-6670.

Handsome Thorin Needs A New Home

Thorin is a 5-year-old neutered male Rottie-Shepherd blend housed at the Fremont County Humane Society in Canon City. He is mellow and gentle as a lamb and likes all other animals. He knows his commands, but always wants to learn more. His adoption fee has been reduced to $30 because one of his many fans paid part of it. He is shiny and sweet and excellent on a leash. He weighs 67 pounds but thinks he is a lap dog. He would love to be part of your life. Please call the Fremont County Humane Society @ 719 275-0663, or Lynn Gartland @ 719 371-6670

Tom's Astrology Overview for Amazing 2011

Wow, our holidays were far different than we ever could have imaged ... so my apologies for my lack of blogging. Now ...

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, willing to release whatever you have been feeling that sticks, saddens, scares, overwhelms or mystifies you? This new year has the potential to lift you into higher and higher realms, send you deeper and deeper into your consciousness in all ways, and allow you to grow and expand your spirituality, life's purpose and being-ness.

Showcasing six eclipses, three outer planets changing signs, and countless other amazing astrological events, 2011 will teach and challenge us in higher and more inspiring ways. These planetary influences provide numerous opportunities to look at ourselves, strive for the inner changes we've always wanted to make, and avail ourselves of the wisdom in the stars which will produce results in our outer world, making 2011 a year to value and inspire. This hasn't been the case over the last three or more years when being down and discouraged, directionally-challenged, and feeling weird, scared or bewildered was the norm.

The five outer planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter bring us our greatest lessons and give us the opportunity to grow exponentially when they interact both creatively and adversely, and move into new signs as all of them have in the last three years. So that's why we have experienced confusing, often turbulent and strangely challenging emotions which have lead us to question even our basic psychological and spiritual needs. Some of us have faced our worst fears, be they financial, familial, personal or global. Sadness, disappointments, unexpected events have often brought us to our knees questioning our most fundamental beliefs, and making us feel as if we have lost our way.

If you analyze all that's happened with the planets, asteroids or even with the fixed stars, it seems mind-boggling and you tend to cycle back down once again. Throughout 2011 in these pages, I intend to help you understand how to use these current astrological events in order to calm your fears and allow you to return to a more peaceful and fulfilling state of being. Now back to what's going on astrologically so far for 2011.

Last Tuesday we witnessed the first of six eclipses; this was a solar eclipse in Capricorn (2:02 am mst). Eclipses generally offer opportunities to release anything old, worn-out, confusing or misunderstood, as well as to initiate a beginning of whatever needs to be the next new thing in your life. Because of the influence of Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas Athena affecting this Sun-Moon joining, anything that has affected our outer life and environment negatively can be released, forgiven or left behind. Hence all the current earth and weather anomalies; excessive flooding and mudslides, tornadoes or extreme weather in places where it normally doesn't happen. Visualize lack of discipline in any area, your misunderstandings with anyone, your states of acting out of character, even your control issues lifting away from you and evaporating into thin air. Don't look back!

Due to this eclipse, you may start a new exercise routine, deepen your spiritual practice, be able to focus and concentrate better than you have in months, have a greater belief in yourself in many areas, accept the challenge to grow your relationship with your loved one, and have a general feeling that there is more available lightness in the air and in your being. You may adjust, expand or change other relationships at work, home or in the community. Unexpected events and circumstances may arise but your response to them will be clearer, lighter and easier to make. This eclipse's energies are dominant for the next four to five months.

Both January and February's full moons at 29 degrees call us to complete what we can in any area in order to allow new cycles, energies and influences to raise and expand our visions, our opportunities, potential and consciousness in our loving and nurturing natures, in our creativity and in our amazing spirits. More on this in my next blog.

Use the influence of the World XXI card of the tarot to assist you in all that is different and inspiring in the beginning of 2011. The World will inspire us in closing out and leaving behind what no longer serves, as well as expanding our world view to encompass all beings. We really are all one and now's the time to start acting like it. Make ceremonies of releasing to help make letting go a reality

Blessings, Tom

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Animal Totem Energy for the Week of Jan. 2, 2011

Photo:Christian Meyn

Well! Sometimes even the best laid plans..... The holidays took us by storm, not in a good way, but we're back on track now & will proceed as if nothing has happened at all except for lessons learned & scary places overcome.

Praying Mantis joins us this week as a reminder that stillness & watchfulness are beneficial now. Even though the beginning of a new year seems to inspire us to action, this energy is too aggressive for the time of Mantis. For one thing, we're not quite out of the shadow of the Mercury retrograde of last month, so that alone tells us to wait a bit before springing into action. Mantis also warns of not only inappropriate timing, but of people in your business &/or personal lives who may be showing you a face of friendship or love outwardly, but who are manipulating or betraying you behind your back. Broken promises in friendship, business & love can be uncovered now. Pay close attention to your intuition.

Mantis teaches the value of stillness. This can be a wonderful time to explore a new meditation technique, extend the time you already spend meditation, re-energize your dream work. Pick a Tarot card with the intent of discovering what you most need to work on right now, & then set aside uninterrupted time to meditate upon that image; ask for guidance from the spirit of that card. This won't be predictive, but is a fascinating way to uncover whatever may be blocking you or sabotaging your efforts now.

For the rest of this week protect yourself by being hyper-aware of your surroundings, keep your own council, gather power in stillness.

Happy New Year to All of You Who Join Us on This Journey.
Blessings, Val