Sunday, June 12, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of June 12, 2011

Finally! It's time to move forward! Frog has emerged bringing the energy of immersion into new projects and the impetus to forge ahead with those intentions you've been nurturing for the last many months. There's a new feeling of hope and excitement in the air after long days of frustration. It's a time of transformation, fertility and abundance on every level, so do the happy dance on your way out the door.

Business and career matters will take on new life, so dust off the resume and know that this will be a much better time to refresh the job search, initiate new ideas in your business, or start the new enterprise you've been incubating for so long. The energy right now will support these things, so move quickly, as these windows don't come often and you must take advantage of them when they appear.

This is also a great time to listen to other people as they toss around creative ideas, especially if you don't have any particular direction of your own, as something someone says may be just the thing that you could pursue for your own future. For some time the power of your voice will be strong, as will the ideas and advice of others be more creative and on track than usual. Serendipity will smile on all of us, and you may be given just what you need to know or have in order to be able to move forward into success.

There have been many months of stuck energy, but now we're being given a wonderful opportunity to get out of the mire to the degree that we get engaged with the process. It's also a great time to conduct an internal cleanse to freshen and strengthen your physical self. Drink plenty of water, eat high vibrational foods that look as they did when they came out of the ground, exercise enough so that you're really sleepy when you go to bed. 

It's a time for new beginnings, so get into motion!
Blessings, Val

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of June 5, 2011

This isn't a picture of a grackle, but bear with me. As Grackle brings his energy to influence this week, you may find that it's difficult expressing your emotions constructively, but try you must or become the victim of your own failing energy.  You can undermine your life's efforts, your dreams, ambitions & relationships if you don't try to find a creative outlet for the volcanic inner disturbances that can plague you this week. Anger constructively channeled, can lead to solutions, so don't even go to the dark side with anyone who just wants to vent, but isn't interested in healing the situation. You can gently disengage from people who take your energy this way, & look instead for those who support you on your path.  

At this time, angry outbursts may come from feelings of inadequacy & fear, which can morph into projecting all sorts of things onto the people around you. Blame casting will be evident, as well as arguments & justifications which may make no sense at all. You may be tempted to engage & magnify an already senseless situation, but don't do it. Remember, whether you started it or not, this time it's based on something that isn't actually being addressed, & won't be healed by fighting about something else in order to disguise the dysfunction. Look at your own feelings of insecurity & trace them into the present moment to see where they're creating those projections. 

Until there is relief from this stuck place, nothing will move forward & there will be emotional congestion that will take your energy & force your life & relationships into a grinding halt. This is a really good time for an internal review of those places where you feel insecure & afraid, & then look for ways to move forward in spite of the fear. This is the creative use of the energy of Grackle.

Navigate wisely.
Blessings, Val


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 29, 2011

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In the long, cool spring we've had here in Colorado, I'm reminded of Praying Mantis as well of Fox, both of whom have been with us lately. This weather has put on hold some of our warm weather planting and forced us to wait and be still until the temperatures rise a bit more. With Praying Mantis we're reminded again to wait, improve our skills, practice to make them perfect, and act later when the time is right. This energy has come to us in different ways for quite some time, and until it changes, we're best advised to be very patient, because it's still possible that nothing will come of our efforts if we try to push ahead too soon.

Right now there can be false starts, which can lead to unnecessary time wasting. Instead, practice the basics of your skill sets, find anything you might have missed that could help you to master your craft on a higher level. Research new ways of doing things and incorporate them into what you already know. The time for actively moving ahead will come. Patience and optimism are the mantras for now.

For more insight into these energies, please look again at the previous Praying Mantis and Fox postings.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 22, 2011

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Fox brings his energy to us again this week. Magic is in the air if you can discover how to use it for forging new directions and creations as well as developing more eloquence in your powers of manifestation. Many things are now in potential, waiting for the proper moment to emerge. In the mean time, you can practice your skills, whatever they may be. Whether in the arts, finance, athletics, or anything else for which you're passionate, this is the time to work on refining your abilities. This will probably require that you work in solitude for the time being, but it shouldn't be for too long.

Take advantage of Fox energy to watch closely what is going on around you, because the time to act will come and you will want to be ready. You may discover new ways of doing old things, or there could come to you resources to add to and enhance what you're already doing. Expect the unexpected, practice acting as if magic is the most ordinary and commonplace of things, and then you'll be ready when Fox shows up to lead you on your way.  

Blessings, Val

Garden Hose Dilemma

If you have a garden & need a new hose or two for the summer, please read the label it comes with. We just tried to replace all of our hoses with some from Black & Decker & thankfully Tom read the message on the back of the label. There was a warning not to drink out of this hose, as it "contains lead & other chemicals that are known to cause cancer." This means of course that we shouldn't water our vegetable gardens with it, nor allow our children or pets to drink from it or play in it. Who knew? Please pass this along to all of your gardening friends.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 15, 2011

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Praying Mantis gives us space to stay still, as stillness is the key to everything with this elegant creature. Now is the time to start a new meditation practice, sit quietly beneath the trees & just listen to their voices, take up Tai Chi, or anything that appeals to you  which will take you closer to your inner world. Watch & listen, really process what you're taking in, then be prepared to do something with the insights you receive. Even if you find yourself sitting alone at a coffee shop, turn off the cell phone & really look at what is going on around you. Ask for wisdom from your surroundings.

In relationships make sure you're retaining your autonomy, remaining true to who you are - your beliefs, ideals & ethics. Don't allow anyone else to derail you from your dream path, because at this time you may find yourself being consumed by a partner or lover. Deceit & betrayal could be part of the action right now since you may not be aware of all of the elements of the situation. It may be time to pull a stealthy move away from this affair.

Mantis tells you that you may be out of step, too hasty or not paying enough attention, or maybe just spread out too far in too many directions. By cultivating stillness, reacquainting yourself with  your own inner world, free of the influences of the outer chaos of our culture, you will gain power over the things that obstruct your way. There is nothing wiser than your inner self, no wisdom greater than that which you give to yourself, so be still & listen. 

Blessings, Val

Monday, May 9, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 8, 2011

The energy for this week may put us into situations where we find that only sharp or aggressive responses to difficult situations seem appropriate. Gecko will attack to protect himself, so be prepared at this time to defend your space, whether it's an ideological position, moral stand, or something more mundane like some sort of a competition or threat in the everyday world. There's strife in the air & Gecko's energy will help you to know whether it's appropriate to fight or to cut & run. 

The decisions you make now will be important in disengaging from people & situations that are immobilizing you, taking your energy, & sabotaging your efforts. There might be things that have been going on that are simply nuisances, but which must be gotten rid of.  Some people stick like glue to you, trying to live through your life instead of their own. Now is the time to speak sharply if you have to in order to reclaim your own space & energy. If you can do this, you will be able to get free &, better yet, avoid entangling yourself with that kind of energy again. Resolving these conflicts peacefully is always to be hoped for, but if you're not being heard, then disengaging completely may be your only option at this time.

Gecko, being nocturnal, invites you to enjoy the nourishment of the nighttime hours when peace & relief from the ambient day time energies can be found. With all of the electronic gadgets in use in the world, all of that static is in the air all of the time, but is lessened at night. With the clearing of the energy, you can take nourishment from the environment & restore yourself for the coming day. Listen to the night sounds, hear your own thoughts, send prayers of gratitude, ask for guidance or whatever seems to be what you need now. Dreams will be important this week, as they will show you where you need to clear obstructions from your life. Detach & feel more serenity.

Blessings, Val

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taurus New Moon, Mars Conjuncts Nodes May 3, 2011


Tuesday's New Moon in Taurus (12:50 am MDT) allows us to reconnect on deeper levels in our personal relationships.  Old issues may come into clearer focus and perspective, and finally become resolved. You can forgive those involved and return to loving them compassionately and unconditionally.  Karmic and past life breakthroughs are also possible. You may realize old difficulties and situations differently in order to gain new psychological and spiritual insights and understandings, which cause you to relate more meaningfully and fully with those you love. You may even touch more profoundly your loved ones in the spirit world with whom you may have felt disconnected lately.

Along with creating relationship breakthroughs, your material resources may begin to improve which can be one of the new beginnings tied to new moons. Think bigger and feel all that you want to manifest now.  Speak openly to your inner guides and helpers, realize that having abundance means aligning yourself with Spirit and knowing that Spirit provides for all of us.  Every need is always met lovingly and easily.  Letting go of the old paradigms for making money may give you opportunities and creative ways to find greater successes and resources now. Still affecting us are five planets in the fire element which add inspiration, passion, generosity and the belief that anything is possible (Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars are all in Aries). What constitutes action relies on this Aries energy, although it may take time, persistence and patience to realize the results we so need today. So, baby steps are appropriate for these times, but babies grow up to take giant steps eventually.

You may realize an even greater awareness of who you are spiritually and psychologically now while Mars contacts the middle of the Milky Way, our Galactic Center, and the north node during this New Moon. The Galactic Center is an energy source of gargantuan magnitude that affects the earth's electromagnetic field as well as our own.  This massive energy input may affect communications, computers, the weather, travel, as well as mechanical and electrical devices. Caution and patience are advised in any of these areas. With these astrological influences, the main focus is on self and group development in consciousness and awareness, which brings about transformation and regeneration of who we are, and makes the possibilities for growth limitless. You can reconnect with the center of your being,  recommit to individual and global change, and visualize a better state of consciousness and well-being for everyone, including the animal and plant kingdoms. Creating a better place for all of us is an individual responsibility, more necessary than ever in these amazing and challenging times.

How this change manifests depends on what lessons and realizations will allow you to grow spiritually. What you most need to change will surface if you become quiet and introspective. Take the time and practice going within to find answers, and follow your intuition.  It is far easier or more comfortable to look outside ourselves or to project onto others what we need to change; however this is not what is asked for now. You may be a new journeyer in inner processing, and it takes courage to trust what you get and feel rather than your old ways of seeing. Always remember that you are only given what you are able to process at one time, so dive in with the intent to succeed and move yourself forward.  Adjustments and changes in what you are doing, how you are ending things and beginning new stages are all encouraged by for these influences.  Remember that healing and your inner place of being are undergoing transformation.  Time, courage and faith lead your inner process to your next stage of development.  Have a wonderful journey of discovery.

Ask for guidance from the six of Pentacles in the tarot to help in bringing a generosity of spirit for yourself, as well as for tithing to people or institutions which inspire you at this time.

Blessings, Tom

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 1, 2011

Fox shapeshifts into our lives this week bringing magic & mysterious peeks beyond the veil. This energy is a wonderful tool for expanding your skills in reaching other realms where you can access levels of consciousness & states of mind that may be new & uplifting for you. You may find that your senses are heightened, which will enable you to hone in on what will be of benefit & what will just get in your way. Watch out for anything that seems too good to be true or too easily attained - probably something isn't right.

This is a good time to keep your plans to yourself, remembering the strength in silence. Fox will wait & watch until the moment is perfect for leaping on her prey, spending little energy & moving in perfect quiet. Learn the art of invisibility, for if you are able to be still & listen, you will gather information which will serve you later on.

Fox enjoys solitude, & will spend long periods of time alone perfectly happily. This is a good time to withdraw from jumping around in the outside world & spend more time with yourself & with those activities which nourish & support your inner well-being. Lift the veil aside & see where Fox will invite you to go. This can be a time of great mystery, so watch & wait until your time to act becomes clear.

Blessings, Val

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Venus and Others Square Pluto - April 26, 2010

Today continues with another in a list of planets again squaring Pluto, and as a consequence the time to accept changes in our consciousness is upon us. We may need change in those areas we least favor, such as fear, doubt, dis-ease, disenfranchisement, worry or any lack relating to the self.  When Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (since April 20th and now through May 3rd), we need to be extremely vigilant about how we proceed to bring new experiences, new relationships or other new things into our lives.  Whatever we start may take unexpected and challenging twists and turns before it really feels right, justified and compassionate.  Along with a greater sense of doubting ourselves now, we may feel reluctance or resistance to try out new relationships or new ways of being.  Certainly, please be careful and cautious about your finances,  seemingly hopeful economic prospects or ventures, and adventures which appear too tantalizing to believe.  This is not the time to experiment, unless you have the backing of all interested and believing partners or related groups.

While Jupiter in Aries was squaring Pluto in Capricorn (from the middle of January 2011 until the end of March 2011) as well as Mars squaring Pluto (from the beginning of April until April 20th, 2011), also Mercury (from March 10th through March 17th, 2011), and through the continuing Uranus square Pluto, we have witnessed precarious starts, sidetracks or setbacks in our economic situations, possibly difficulties in our relationships, a lack of a sense of security about now and the future, and  some feelings of futility in what we are doing as not being exactly right for us. Waves of disappointment, anger,  mistrust, jealously and futility about how to manage change have met us in areas where transformation has to happen.  I do not intend to sound overly grim about these times; however, it's appropriate now to be realistic about our need to change what isn't working or hasn't for quite a while.  Whatever is old or unused in our "closet of the self" needs our prompt examination and those images, confidences, trials or difficulties we have encountered lately have to be moved away from, thrown away and forgiven.  Whatever avenue dries up, Spirit will open up two more in its place.

In the search for a new job or career, search in new, novel ways, replace the old by widening your prospects in new fields. Reinvent your job by finding how you can apply your skills  differently to open employers' eyes in new ways.  For example, your teaching or counseling career may fit the general field of research, technical writing, editing or publishing.  Or be adventuresome and open with your creativity by applying for positions in the arts, or maybe become a supervisor in an unrelated area.  Try painting , sculpting or crocheting and create your own line to market. Now see yourself doing this new job: visualize as well as deeply feel yourself creating that unique opportunity outside your normal field of expertise.  Change takes courage as well as strength, and you deserve to have that feeling of succeeding in all that you choose to accomplish.   

Perhaps, the greatest avenues open to you now are those in your inner life.  Sit quietly in a comfortable place, and surround yourself with supporting and loving energy. Now visualize what would create more happiness, joy and security in your life. Is it more friends, a better sense of self, more security and self confidence, a new pet, the time and ways to be more creative? Next, whatever comes to mind, note and record it in writing, in drawing or by taping. Do this two other times when you have the space over the next week. Do not share your findings with anyone else until you have completed these three sessions, and are confident that what surfaces is for you alone. Allow your inner child  and your inner artist to be a part of this experience. Feel fresh, renewed, invigorated and supported from the inside outward. You'll be amazed at what occurs for you that can transform your way of accomplishing  things when you start by allowing your inner self a voice. When it feels right, try one of your new ideas and experience how freeing it can feel. What we value and what grounds us comes from our searching within.

With all this Aries' fire energy affecting Capricorn's earth element is it any wonder why for months now we have felt this way.  At times distracted and defeated, and we wonder how can we ever change what seems challenging now.  When we summon our strength and inner wisdom, everything seems possible again. The energy lightens, and the new opens and prospers. We explore new adventure and are offered new opportunities, those which seem to have previously been unreachable and unattainable until now.

Use the energy and wisdom of IV The Emperor in the tarot cards to guide you with more certainty, conviction and strength in what you pursue and accomplish during these times. He is the master of manifestation and will help you gain the energy and determination to come through these times with something to show for it!

Blessings and success on your journeys, Tom

Monday, April 25, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of April 24, 2011

Salamander comes into our lives this week to awaken us to the need for a supportive & creative environment from which we are able to draw strength & inspiration.  Look around & assess whether or not the people & the environment itself in which you find yourself are endorsing your energy & aspirations, or are undermining influences. When was the last time you did a thorough energy cleansing of your space? Have you used the smudge stick & the essential oil Myrrh every week or do you let it slide? Everyone with whom you come into contact carries their own energies & some will bring unwanted entities, spirits & other attachments into your space, so you will want to scour out all of the corners, closets & cubbies where you live & work. When an unwanted entity gets into your space it can disrupt business, health & over all  sense of happiness & well-being. Refuse to allow anything that is unlike love to enter your space.
In a clear & nourishing environment, Salamander can bring answers & solutions, inspiration, support, nourishment & provender from unexpected sources & in unusual ways. Remain open this week to receive information, direction & resources from people, books, animals or other streams which you might otherwise disregard or marginalize. There will be exciting inspiration that, if followed, can bring you to an entirely different level than you've been at lately. Salamander breathes through his skin, so emulate him & work this week to inhale from the universe whatever you need to move forward. Remember, Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor, so what you get could come in some very amusing ways. Laugh & live in gratitude.

Blessings, Val

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of April 17, 2011

Pakorn      Free Digital Photos

Cicada emerges this week to announce pleasures & joys from the past that will appear in our lives. These may be from long ago in this life, or from an actual past life when someone comes to you who seems like an old friend from the very first moment you meet. It's a time of offers & opportunities, invitations & proposals, which will come unexpectedly.

Past lives can become important now, & working with a reputable past life therapist could be very helpful for digging out & understanding the  benefits from other lifetimes that you've brought with you into this life, as well as the healing & goodness that still remains in the relationships you have in this time that have also traveled with from other times. There can be too much emphasis on the karmic debts we have & the heavy baggage we have carried with us from other incarnations, so this week's energy will help to balance us in the positive things we can glean from our past. Spontaneous past life experiences & dreams are possible now, so keep a notebook handy.

Renewing old ties can be very rewarding right now. Let these experiences come to you rather than searching them out yourself, which will ensure that whatever comes to you will be what you need at this moment, & will give you the experiences through which you will most benefit. 
Cicada reminds us of the childlike joy we all need to savor from time to time ~ something too often forgotten. This isn't a frantic chasing after our pleasures, but a deep immersion in the innocent joy of the inner child.

Have a beautiful week.
Blessings, Val

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changing Moon's nodes March 3rd & Uranus into Aries March 11th

In the fast moving and changeable world in which we live, we may not have noticed that last week on Mar. 3, the Moon's nodes shifted into Sagittarius and Gemini, creating a new set of energies and opportunities.  The nodes affect the destiny of all of us for the next eighteen months, and we can be certain that our focus on what's important needs to shift to the greater good of community, nation and world. Women's collective voices need to be heard, business wants to be unusual rather than usual, and a different and more financially responsible direction taken for large corporations as well as for all the rest of us on a more personal level. This is the time to forgive anything harsh in speech or behavior, any feuds or other interpersonal troubles, no matter who is involved. Be patient with others,  take the high road in any kind of communications and use generosity all actions you take. It's challenging and tricky to communicate with your clearest and best intentions. What's easier now is to adapt or revise your beliefs about yourself and your world; how big and far reaching are your visions and dreams? While the nodes are in Sagittarius and Gemini, communications of any kind, short trips, vehicles and small engines, small animals,  and siblings will all require you to be more vigilant, clear and purposeful in order to get things done, and yet glitches and delays may still occur. Focus, changes or adjustments in areas relating to belief systems, long journeys, higher learning, large animals, philosophy, religion and spirituality will be easier to understand and accomplish. 

Certainly, a breather from the hectic pace and additional stress lately is quite necessary now; however, these times of change still demand your detailed attention if you plan to benefit during what is now a more predictable and determined chaos; aggressiveness and another round of mindless activity will support the status quo. Complicating these times will be a dreamy overlay of energies that make being steady and positive so much more challenging and harder to maintain.  Strive for less fear and worry about who is getting it wrong or who is distracting you, and put more attention on how to peacefully bring what is out-of-control back to a place of workability, sanity and peace of mind.  A simple course of action often brings the best results. Not to worry!!  With these new influences come the eclipses which are part of the activity of the nodes, and we are having five more this year! These eclipses may bring very unsettling influences to otherwise very stable relationships, yet in the times of such powerful astrology you can expect even the most stable relationships to change and grow. Those that don't may be in for unexpected situations and disappointment. Fitting in is not what works. Being flexible and willing to expand is what's called for in the way you grow and transform at these higher vibrations, although it might be tricky and difficult and tricky. Even the smallest of changes takes courage, and the collective energies of the nodes offer that now.     

This Friday,  Uranus enters Aries, and for the next seven years it will stay in the first fire sign. Welcome challenge and change as well as the need to rework many things on an ongoing basis. Here the theme for change affects how we relate to each other.  Old or unchanged relationships need work, and some may not survive these times. Even simple misunderstandings now can cause full blown arguments. Taking a look at what doesn't work vs. what to keep of your own personal behavior all comes under the microscope. There is no place to hide when Uranus needs to reform, Saturn wants to instill and preserve structure and foundations, and Pluto stirs up your emotional and psychological landscape. Remember, when entering anything new fear can surface, but you can use the things you know about creating positive outcomes from the chaos and find yourself in a better future. It is certain that relationships of all kinds as well as much that you're nurturing at the moment will be transformed.

With Uranus in Aries, the influences involve the physical and the spiritual. Acting with passion and determination, creating new enterprises, or adjusting old ways of operating business are key noted. Dealings with large groups, associations, animal causes, and the environment also take center stage, and it is how you see these differently that helps you to prosper in your understanding and grow in consciousness. Every one of us has a part to play in our world, in how we want it to be and transform even in the smallest of ways. Over the next two months, on and around April 3rd, is a very potent time with six planets in Aries, including that day's sun and new moon, so be extra vigilant of what you say and do. We have to be mindful of our own energy, and guard against projecting our anxieties and worries onto others if you are fearful of new paradigms. Be ready and willing to see life in new ways, and that's all. The details of what to do are a matter of your own circumstances, intuition, your higher guidance and the universe. What happens at the individual level is what drives what happens at the personal relationship, community, national and global level thereafter.  Your task is to be loving, aware and responsible in all that you say and do.  Reaching out a helpful hand to an elder crossing the street, lending energy and love to help resolve conflicts between friends or coworkers, or simply giving more time to pray for the highest good for everyone are ways to manage these stressful times.

Gemini folk may experience unexpected difficulties, added frustrations or take longer to process all the energies of the node in their sign, and Sagittarians may find quite the opposite; growth and transformation now quite a bit easier. Where Gemini and Sagittarius falls in your chart will definitely feel these planetary influences.  Call Tom to schedule a reading to help you better understand how the planets and their energies in your chart affect you right now.

Use the influence of the 10 of Wands to help you to choose your burdens carefully during this time, & as a reminder that we all have loads with which we're working, but that they aren't an excuse for taking on the role of martyr. What you do, do with love & and compassion. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Find: Dog Rehabilitation Harness

I've found a wonderful product for those of you with dogs who need a little lift while walking either because of injury, surgery or simple aging. This harness is soft & comfortable, has adjustable handles, & a strap that can attach to the dog's collar, so there's no need to use a leash if you don't want to.

Our dog, Sasha, who is a tall 13 year old Greyhound/German Shepherd with very bad arthritis in both back knees, walks well with me now when she wears her Gingerlead. I'm short (5 feet), so the adjustable straps make it easy for me to hold on to her while giving her a little lift. Sasha's much more relaxed as we move along, & I'm so happy to see her getting more exercise!

This harness is the nicest one I've seen in this product area, & the price is wonderfully affordable. Check it out at:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jupiter Clashes with Pluto on Feb. 25,2011

Jupiter squares Pluto this Friday, Feb. 25 (1:40 PM mst), the last of three such difficult energies since last summer, activating possible spirited conflict, political dissension, governmental and ideological upheavals, the resurgence of severe conditions or treatment of others, international turmoils and continued weather anomalies. Jupiter as the harbinger of optimism, opportunities, faith, spirituality and long-journeying is being challenged and tested. Just look at the world news and you'll see that since July/August of 2010,  there has been a wave of these national and international stirrings in government and the private sector, with citizens demanding better economic conditions and more say in the way they are governed. If there's an underhanded, devious and malicious play of emotions and actions, then the Pluto signature has surfaced with the outcome being a potentially positive transformation things that up until now have not been fully realized or acknowledged in the global community.  Now the challenge is to air any grievances, missteps or injustices, and seek to find solutions. Whether in your own home, community, state or in other nations, these times and circumstances are part of the collective, affecting us all on some level, and certainly demanding creative solutions in order to bring peace and new directions for all who have sadly not had a say or have been dis-empowered from charting their own destinies. 

For example, this is the time to extend yourself, even energetically, to influence a better outcome for others, even if you don't personally know them. At home, your job or in your community resolve to be the change, be the compassionate one who takes the initiative, since everyone has a part to play. Pisces energies come to the rescue and offer a look at the big picture; what affects all peoples, as well as the greater possibility of resolving these old difficulties and injustices among world communities. With the personal planets of Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in the sign of the Fishes, all things are possible. There is nothing like a Pisces to bring the situation around to what may work for everyone, and to do that in the most gracious and previously unrecognized way. Creative solutions to complex problems come when we all pitch in and dig deeper in the collective soul to lighten our path. The truth will prevail, but it is not without some messes becoming larger, some conflicts taking longer, and those previously uninvolved beginning to be heard. 

To complement all this water energy are the planets and asteroids in earth: Venus, Pallas-Athena and Juno. Again, personal and international difficulties exposed and intensified by the influence of the outer planets are cooled and re-grounded by the elements of water and earth, which work amazingly well when chaos and conflict seem to prevail. That's why taking hot, soaky baths in the privacy of your own space or hugging a huge pine tree in the forest work so well. Writing in your journal, sketching in pencil or paint or making a collage about how you feel is good therapy to relive tension and stress in these circumstances. Playing instead of obsessing also works, and you can invent new ways to release pent-up anger through exercise, meditation or prayer and allow your fears and worries to subside. Coming to peace with the ugliness around you, even if you are the cause and not the solution is the challenge for us all right now. There is always room in your awareness to see how you are contributing negative vibes, disgust, criticism, an it's-not-my-problem or they're-doing-it-again attitude which precisely adds to the difficulty of coming to the creative answers we so need. Engage your nurturing mind, extend your amazing kindness in action, think compassionately and behave in larger ways to bring your world and that of all others to a higher loving and spiritual place. Settle for nothing less!!

When Jupiter reactivates Pluto strongly and favorably again this summer, when both are in earth signs, sigh deeply, release what has just happened or is still transforming, and begin to see a brighter and more abundant future in all ways, for every living being and creature with whom you are so blessed to navigate this lifetime. 

How Jupiter, Pluto and all the other planets affect you personally now is seen in your own personal chart, so call and set up an appointment for a reading with me at 303-692-9299.

Use the Knight of Cups in the Tarot as a focus for meditation. This knight can bring peace to the emotional intensity of this time.

Blessings, Tom 


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Feb. 20, 2011

Now is the time to refrain from joining into the dramas of others, & instead to go about our own business with a sense of play as well as dedication. Porcupine brings busy energy, but with a much better ability now to balance the demands of work with the need for play & relaxation. Porcupine enjoys solitude, so make time to just be alone with your own thoughts as you go about your daily routine. Also, just as porcupine's quills will stand up straight when she is disturbed, this energy reminds you to pay attention when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Something is amiss & needs to be dealt with.

Graze lightly when you eat for a time. Give your insides a chance to rest as well by snacking instead of chowing down for every meal. Emphasize vegetables, fruits & plenty of water.

When the day is done, hole up in your den & maybe go to bed early for a change.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transitioning Full Moons at 29 Degrees - Feb.18, 2011


Tomorrow's Full Moon at 29 degrees Leo (1:36 am mst) is the last of five such moons at 29 degrees which began last October with the 29 degree Aries' Full Moon. Since the first and now the last of these full moons are in the fire element,  inspiration, passion, those things dealing with spirituality, aggression and a change of consciousness tend to be emphasized. This is a time to release and let go of whatever is not working, including both individual, community, national or global issues. For example, a wider feeling of generosity is highlighted both with yourself and with fellow human beings. A real chance to extend a welcoming hand, help to resolve those longstanding feuds, injustices or states of being that no longer fit your ideology, or even your pocketbook.  It is an opportunity to change your way of viewing problems, and examine them in an out of the box manner. Here again, thinking in the usual ways will lead only to the same conclusions; hence, a different way of proceeding and processing is needed. Even in our individual lives, have we taken the time to be generous and giving to ourselves, to relax when necessary, to approach a difficult circumstance in a totally novel way or to nurture our inner child? Or in a larger context, have we lent someone a hand or a kind smile, donated to a cause, given time to straighten out another who seems to bother us, or have we given of ourselves in new and novel ways to help a larger cause? All of these questions help us to focus our attention so we can  understand and use these influences now. 

Yesterday, scientists reported a spectacular and powerful solar flare, the size of which has not been witnessed in four years, and the Sun's releasing activity in this event makes it not only coincide with this Full Moon, but it gives us more geomagnetic energy to add to the already increased electromagnetic activity present in this first of six super moons this year. Be aware that communications may be disrupted and in some cases intensified, so be cautious and possibly delay any stressful conversations until next week. Use the increase in inspiration and creativity to throw yourself into writing in your journal, meditating more, actually doing your art or making a scrumptious meal for a loved one. 

There are six planets, asteroids and the north node in the air element now, and six in earth. Only two are in water which indicates that our feelings and emotions may need to be carefully monitored and thoughtfully expressed should we become annoyed by anyone or anything. Delaying any difficult communications or projects for the time being is advised. Moving ahead with any sense of clarity and purpose will require careful and thoughtful action. We would be best to use this time in finishing up in any area that is required in order to be able to allow our consciousness to expand and grow both psychologically and spiritually.  Remember to be patient, look to changing how you think in order to embrace a new way, and be compassionate with yourself and other people, especially those who are not easy for you to accept, understand or with whom you disagree.

Use the influence of the Devil in the tarot to exercise constructive constraints in all your affairs at this time, and know that the more discipline you can exercise now, the more it will pay off in the future.

Blessings, Tom   

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Feb. 13, 2011


Our best & brightest energy this week is delivered by
Hummingbird. She comes to us like a little visitor from the fairie realm who wants for us nothing but the most wonderful outcomes for our endeavors.

Hummingbird energy can herald a time of increased accomplishment, which will be a nice change from the past few months. It's as if some things break free & begin to move or come suddenly to a place of completion. Watch closely for people & things that come out of the past, but in a good way. For example, someone pays you money they owe you, but which you thought was long gone. An inheritance comes your way from someone you barely knew, but who remembered a kindness you showed them long ago. Perhaps a book reappears that contains just what you need to know for some project or circumstance. Maybe you run into an old friend whom you haven't seen for an age, & find that you're both thinking about starting the same kind of business, which now you can form into a partnership with this person. You might have a spontaneous memory from your childhood that allows you to release something that's been blocking your progress. You could even have an unexpected recall from a past life which will help somehow in this lifetime. Gifts from the past are a large part of Hummingbird energy.

Everything you put your hand to during this time has a much better chance of success. This is also the time to re-evaluate your diet with a special emphasis on sugar intake. Do you have enough sweetness in your life? Reveling in the good things that make up your inner & outer environment can give you a wonderful new perspective on your existence. Practice gratitude by writing in your journal each evening three things for which you are grateful. Cultivate the sugar in life. It's all around you & can take the place of actually eating too much sugar.

Color & light are important in Hummingbird energy. This is a good time to learn about colored light therapy, work with colored stones, wear bright colors that bring you joy. Find window charms that will sparkle & cast rainbows all over the place. Sit in the glow of a piece of stained glass in order to absorb the healing energies of the radiant colors. If you're in touch with the unseen guardians of your home & garden, listen to their suggestions about improving your environment for greater health & contentment.

Hummingbird loves to play, so allow yourself new joy at this time. Visit a flower shop just to absorb the energy of the blooms. Maybe take some of them home. Rent a funny movie, eat popcorn & laugh out loud. Enjoy the silliness of life for a change. There will always be plenty of time to be serious later.

Light & Blessings, Val

The Threat of Municiple Street De-Icers

This story comes from one of my animal communication clients who wanted me to pass it along. This woman was walking her dogs in Denver during our recent arctic blast when the snow had piled up & there was a lot of de-icer on the streets. She stopped for a light & one of her dogs sat down & started licking his feet off. Within half an hour he was so ill he couldn't get up, & had passed away before she could get him to the hospital. The vets believed it was toxic poisoning from the de-icer. It's evidently not as uncommon as you'd think, so if you walk in the city, don't let your dogs lick their feet while you're out, & wash them off right away when you get home. The pups might appreciate the warm water on their chilly feet anyway!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chiron Re-Enters Pisces Until 2018

Think healing, feel healing and be healed. Hold on to and experience the excitement and opportunities of Chiron re-entering Pisces this week on Tuesday, and remaining active in the sign of the fishes for about 7 years. Not only does this dwarf planet, which is sometimes referred to as an asteriod, relate to the wounded healer and the quest for the truth, it carriers an especially potent influence in Pisces because of its current positive aspects to Pluto, Vesta and the nodes of the Moon. These aspects will allow us to reach into our inner world and to ask where do we need healing. Is it that unresolved spiritual or psychological conflict, or is it our mother or feminine issues that need closer examination? Are we projecting a false sense of self onto others and not even realizing that we are doing it?

Since Chiron has an affinity for both Saturn and Uranus astrologically and mythologically, this inner investigation may be more difficult to unlock or may take us on an unexpected journey we never could have imagined. Maybe we thought these various concerns were settled; if that is the case, take the time to see how you feel about these areas now. Isn't there some slight psychological backsliding we need to cop to, or is it time to do some inner housecleaning about our beliefs and behaviors which no longer fit? Examine what you are attracting in others and see if these same issues apply to your life. It's often those closest to us, and even those we have just met who are mirrors of what we are doing, and thus are harbingers of our next lessons. For example, when you go to visit your mother is she still able to make you feel as if you can't do anything right? Or do you get angry if someone is trying to tell you what to do? The repetitive patterns of behavior that we can't seem to shake are surfacing again. Time once more to work to overcome them. Pluto and the nodes of the Moon have a positive effect on Chiron right now, and so we are shown the depths to which we will have to go in order to uproot our greater illusions and the stuck places that plague us. They offer us a treasure trove of transformation. Remember that the universe is always with you and seems to never give you more than you can handle.

Historically, Chiron concerns the alternative healing arts and since it was discovered in 1977, the fields of herbalism, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, color healing, and the like have grown exponentially. According to mythology, Chiron was also a dominant factor in the beginnings of modern medicine. Chiron in Pisces will teach us the spiritual connection in healing. If the spirit is content, then the body will be at peace. The body-mind connection will play a huge role in healing, and this understanding might even infiltrate the allopathic medical community. The healing of causes rather than just symptoms may become paramount.

Work with the energy of the Ten of Swords, which is the card of melodrama. When we fall into an old pattern, we can choose how to react. Create a new paradigm for an old situation.

Blessings, Tom

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raisins and Other Threats

I got this as an email & have seen the information before, but it's so important that it can never be seen too much. Please pass it along to any of your friends who have dogs.

Written by:
Laurinda Morris, DVM
Danville Veterinary Clinic
Danville , OH

This week I had the first case in history of raisin toxicity ever seen at MedVet. My patient was
a 56-pound, 5 yr old male neutered lab mix that ate half a canister of raisins sometime between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM on Tuesday. He started with vomiting, diarrhea and shaking about 1 AM on Wednesday but the owner didn't call my emergency service until 7 AM.

I had heard somewhere about raisins AND grapes causing acute Renal failure but hadn't seen any formal paper on the subject. We had her bring the dog in immediately. In the meantime, I called the ER service at MedVet, and the doctor there was like me - had hear something about it, but... Anyway, we contacted the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center and they said to give IV fluids at 1 & 1/2 times maintenance and watch the kidney values for the next 48-72 hours.
The dog's BUN (blood urea nitrogen level) was already at 32 (normal less than 27) and creatinine over 5 (1.9 is the high end of normal). Both are monitors of kidney function in the bloodstream. We placed an IV catheter and started the fluids. Rechecked the renal values at 5 PM and the BUN was over 40 and creatinine over 7 with no urine production after a liter of fluids. At that point I felt the dog was in acute renal failure and sent him on to MedVet for a urinary catheter to monitor urine output overnight as well as overnight care. He started vomiting again overnight at MedVet and his renal values continued to increase daily. He produced urine when given lasix as a diuretic. He was on 3 different anti-vomiting medications and they still couldn't control his
vomiting. Today his urine output decreased again, his BUN was over 120, his creatinine was at 10, his phosphorus was very elevated and his blood pressure, which had been staying around
150, skyrocketed to 220 ... He continued to vomit and the owners elected to Euthanize.

This is a very sad case - great dog, great owners who had no idea raisins could be a toxin. Please
alert everyone you know who has a dog of this very serious risk. Poison control said as few as 7 raisins or grapes could be toxic. Many people I know give their dogs grapes or raisins as treats including our ex-handler's. Any exposure should give rise to immediate concern. Onions, chocolate, cocoa, avocadoes and macadamia nuts can be fatal, too.

Even if you don't have a dog, you might have friends
who do. This is worth passing on to them.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 30, 2011

Spiritual perception & creativity are heightened this week as Scarlet Macaw guides you through what may be some strange visions. Trust what you see even if it doesn't seem to make sense. If you make art, turn these specters into something beautiful & meaningful.

This is a time to align with your emotions. Trust what you feel as long as it takes you in a productive direction, but if your emotions seem to be getting in your way, then it's time to re-evaluate the age level from which you're reacting. Has you inner five year-old emerged because of fear or anger? Does that anger have its foundations in fear? It's very important right now to get to the bottom of destructive emotions & find a way to release them in a positive & healing fashion. Macaw advises you to pay attention to how your emotions may be affecting your health. Discover ways to dissipate unwanted energies that can leave you feeling vulnerable to accidents or passing viruses. Trace minerals can be beneficial at this time.

Your spiritual life could become very energized at this point, so record absolutely everything in your journal - you may not understand until later what all the commotion was about, but at least you will have written it all down. This is not so much a time for listening to other people, whether spiritual friends or teachers, but rather to look & listen within & be amazed at what new insights & wisdom your own highest self has been accumulating for you. This is where you will always find your best teacher anyway. Most of the time we rely on the flow from the outside going in from books & teachers, but now it's time to work the energy in the opposite direction. So, put away the books for awhile & simply be still & listen.

Macaw heralds a long period of creativity, which could change your life & point it off in a new direction. There are so many potential outlets for this energy from cooking to sculpture, writing to interior design, landscape gardening to sewing beautiful clothing! Allow yourself to soar. Don't veto anything, as that passing vision could be the inspiration for a new life path. During these times of such huge changes on our planet, your personal world & inner life are trying to mirror the vast influences around you. You can can react with fear & anger, or revel in the opportunities the energy offers. I hope you will turn fear into beauty, anger into inspiration.

Blessings, Val

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturn retrogrades Jan. 25th, Jupiter enters Aries Jan. 22nd

Steady yourself again, for the roller coaster ride continues. When Saturn in Libra goes retrograde today (11:09 PM mst), and tomorrow unfavorably interacts with Mercury in Capricorn, it's time to re-examine or restructure your security bases.Your effectiveness and sense of direction in what you want to accomplish with your personal and social relationships, in your career, and generally in your business affairs will need a look. If you feel ungrounded, uncertain or even unappreciated, take this opportunity to look at what you're expecting to happen that you think will solve your problems. As hard as it may be to acknowledge, it is something stuck within you which triggers these reactions and that awaits your courage to investigate. The way that you react to difficult or unpleasant information, a spat with a loved one that is left unresolved, or a sudden change in a project at work which no one informed you about will be all important. Remember, it's not the weather, but how you react to the weather that sets the course for your day.

This week, in particular, give yourself license to reflect, to journal or discuss your concerns with that compassionate friend, and take action next week should you regain your perspective and see clearly what to do. Any important communications will be better made next week as well. If that is not possible and you must relay difficult things to others, be patient, go slowly and allow them time to process what you are saying.

Troublesome astrological influences are never easy to understand and manage.
This Saturn retrograde period until June 12th may help you deepen your insight and intuition, and reevaluate how you relate to groups, whether they be community, national or global. You may focus on friendships, find new ones, re-connect to older ones, or allow those not helpful ones to fall away. Your long held dreams may need to be reinvigorated, readjusted or updated to fit your current circumstances. Remember that letting go of the old or outdated allows the universe to give you now what you will most need or value in the future.

Last Saturday, January 22nd Jupiter re-entered Aries (10:11 AM mst) and will stay until June 4th, 2011, after being in the sign of the Ram last June 6th through September 8th, 2010. Being in a fire sign allows Jupiter to feel more comfortable and energetically compatible; however, its influences are not without challenges. The optimism, opportunity, faith, spirituality and long-journeying, all signatures of Jupiter are initially challenged by Pluto and soon by Saturn gone retrograde. This will possibly muddy your vision, demand discipline and vigilance to keep you on your course of action, as well as allowing differing points of view to be heard and incorporated into your own perspectives. The strong will of the Aries' influence may make it seem as if doing things without the input or help of others is just easier and more expedient, but without the careful consideration of what others offer, things will probably not work for the greater good in your business or in your personal life. Keep your vision sharp and clear and proceed compassionately and carefully should disruptive or troublesome issues arise. Being passionate and action oriented to the exclusion of what others may offer will not be the best way to handle these sometimes conflicting energies.

Give yourself additional time to process what you're doing before you start anything. Be sure to exercise regularly and meditate more to release stress and to feel restored again. Maintain and strengthen your spiritual practices, and push yourself to explore new inner lessons in order to continue growing. Pay attention to your animals, play with them often, and learn from them how to stay in the moment and be happy. Donate your time or resources to an animal shelter or rescue and see how that uplifts your spirit. Jupiter and Aries bring out action and bigness of opportunity. Set yourself free to be that greater self and brighten the hearts of your work colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Using the energies of the Ten of Swords in the Tarot can be a great meditation for
ending old cycles and beginning new ones in the realm of the mind; beliefs and your ideologies can change radically under this influence. This card also warns against allowing yourself to indulge in self-pity or melodrama.

Blessings, Tom

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 23, 2011

Crow comes flapping & cawing into our space to remind us that magic's afoot. This energy brings mystery, strange & unexpected new circumstances, as well as the potential for forcing us to face some deep fears. Whether through accident, illness or events originating in the outer community, we may have to pull up & pay attention to something our higher self wants us to know. Whatever happens now will be highly symbolic, mirroring our own internal conditions or those in the collective consciousness. For better or worse, we will be forced to look at the truth of our own thoughts, beliefs & attitudes.

Communal activities will probably go better than those undertaken in solitude. Creativity can be fertile ground for manifesting, but be open to things coming about oddly. Step back from conscious-mind interpretations. Let your intuition be the guide, as it will make more sense right now than trying to reason things through. For example, if you find yourself brought down by illness, take a look at how you've been approaching life lately. Have you been getting enough good food, rest & exercise, or have you allowed yourself to get worn down & overextended so you're vulnerable? Everything is connected, & this time is perfect for ferreting out the hidden reasons for the situations in which you might find yourself now.

Crow is very opportunistic, & will steal what he wants. Watch your valuables, including your time & energy. Do not allow to be stolen what you cannot afford to lose.

Leave room for magic this week.

Blessings, Val