Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animal Intuitive Sessions

If you're having behavioral issues with your pet, or multiple pets, give us a call. We can help identify what the issues are and recommend a course of action. Pets can learn to live, and play, well together, no matter what breed they are. Big dogs, small dogs, cats, etc. - we can help you get to the root of the problem.


  1. Val Parks has been an indispensable ally with our very difficult cat, Dixie. He has to take medicine daily and, thanks to Val, he allows us to give it to him with very little fuss. she has been invaluable for helping keep our cats calm when we are on vacation as well as settling territorial disputes that arise on occasion between our two boys. I keep Val on retainer--it is just easier that way!

  2. Val Parks has been very helpful to me and my furry family. I highly recommend her. She has helped me with very difficult animal issues and also fun , happy events. We adopted new animals and she helped them blend into our furry family. She is wise,gentle,caring and professional.