Monday, April 25, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of April 24, 2011

Salamander comes into our lives this week to awaken us to the need for a supportive & creative environment from which we are able to draw strength & inspiration.  Look around & assess whether or not the people & the environment itself in which you find yourself are endorsing your energy & aspirations, or are undermining influences. When was the last time you did a thorough energy cleansing of your space? Have you used the smudge stick & the essential oil Myrrh every week or do you let it slide? Everyone with whom you come into contact carries their own energies & some will bring unwanted entities, spirits & other attachments into your space, so you will want to scour out all of the corners, closets & cubbies where you live & work. When an unwanted entity gets into your space it can disrupt business, health & over all  sense of happiness & well-being. Refuse to allow anything that is unlike love to enter your space.
In a clear & nourishing environment, Salamander can bring answers & solutions, inspiration, support, nourishment & provender from unexpected sources & in unusual ways. Remain open this week to receive information, direction & resources from people, books, animals or other streams which you might otherwise disregard or marginalize. There will be exciting inspiration that, if followed, can bring you to an entirely different level than you've been at lately. Salamander breathes through his skin, so emulate him & work this week to inhale from the universe whatever you need to move forward. Remember, Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor, so what you get could come in some very amusing ways. Laugh & live in gratitude.

Blessings, Val

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