Saturday, May 21, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 22, 2011

A-Z Animals

Fox brings his energy to us again this week. Magic is in the air if you can discover how to use it for forging new directions and creations as well as developing more eloquence in your powers of manifestation. Many things are now in potential, waiting for the proper moment to emerge. In the mean time, you can practice your skills, whatever they may be. Whether in the arts, finance, athletics, or anything else for which you're passionate, this is the time to work on refining your abilities. This will probably require that you work in solitude for the time being, but it shouldn't be for too long.

Take advantage of Fox energy to watch closely what is going on around you, because the time to act will come and you will want to be ready. You may discover new ways of doing old things, or there could come to you resources to add to and enhance what you're already doing. Expect the unexpected, practice acting as if magic is the most ordinary and commonplace of things, and then you'll be ready when Fox shows up to lead you on your way.  

Blessings, Val

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