Monday, May 9, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of May 8, 2011

The energy for this week may put us into situations where we find that only sharp or aggressive responses to difficult situations seem appropriate. Gecko will attack to protect himself, so be prepared at this time to defend your space, whether it's an ideological position, moral stand, or something more mundane like some sort of a competition or threat in the everyday world. There's strife in the air & Gecko's energy will help you to know whether it's appropriate to fight or to cut & run. 

The decisions you make now will be important in disengaging from people & situations that are immobilizing you, taking your energy, & sabotaging your efforts. There might be things that have been going on that are simply nuisances, but which must be gotten rid of.  Some people stick like glue to you, trying to live through your life instead of their own. Now is the time to speak sharply if you have to in order to reclaim your own space & energy. If you can do this, you will be able to get free &, better yet, avoid entangling yourself with that kind of energy again. Resolving these conflicts peacefully is always to be hoped for, but if you're not being heard, then disengaging completely may be your only option at this time.

Gecko, being nocturnal, invites you to enjoy the nourishment of the nighttime hours when peace & relief from the ambient day time energies can be found. With all of the electronic gadgets in use in the world, all of that static is in the air all of the time, but is lessened at night. With the clearing of the energy, you can take nourishment from the environment & restore yourself for the coming day. Listen to the night sounds, hear your own thoughts, send prayers of gratitude, ask for guidance or whatever seems to be what you need now. Dreams will be important this week, as they will show you where you need to clear obstructions from your life. Detach & feel more serenity.

Blessings, Val

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