Sunday, September 19, 2010

Animal Totem Energy for the Week of Sept. 19
So, now we have completed a number of projects & perhaps found a place of resolution with some of them. Ant comes now principally to help us distinguish between what is still necessary & what can be left behind to either work on later or to dispense with all together. Ant helps us to accomplish a lot, but the principle motivation here will be to inject as much of an element of spirituality into our daily tasks as we are able. Any job can be a meditation. Any chore a blessing of learning upon our path. As much as possible now, inject what you know from your spiritual wisdom sources into the mundane, repetitive aspects of life. Blessed with prayer, a simple meal that you've cooked dozens of times before can become a true feast. Mountains of emails can become an opportunity to send blessings out to people all over the world - just say a small prayer for them as you delete. Send a note of gratitude in the 'memo' space on your checks when paying the bills - it's amazing how this can relieve the stress that often comes with this chore, & after all we are grateful for water & electricity, are we not?

As you sweep the floor, see all the negativity & tired old energy that's accumulated from the last cleaning day being cleared out with the trash. Take a moment to really look at your home or place of work, & send up a prayer of gratitude for all that you have. That is the starting place for manifesting more of what you want.

So, this is the vigorousness ant brings to us. There may be a lot to do right now, but injecting the spiritual into all of it in a conscious way frees the energy to flow very swiftly. Resistance, boredom, resentment & all the other negativity that can pop up in the daily round only stalls the power & makes everything slow down. Ant is super industrious, but there is always a divine dance in the way he gets done all that is allotted him to do.

Remember the Equinox this week. Norma Gentile, the sound shaman, is giving a free phone meditation on Sept. 22. To participate, dial:(641) 715-3200 & enter access code 555220#. If you haven't yet visited her website or heard her music, it is well worthwhile - very healing! See her

Have a most auspicious & enlightened week.
Blessings, Val

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