Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ceres & Pallas Athena Affect Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Jupiter and Uranus, both retrograde in Pisces, are in exact conjunction this Saturday, September 18th, and this aspect stays in effect until October 27th. Ceres, the asteroid of nurturing and nourishing, unfavorably influences both Jupiter and Uranus through mid October, while during this same period Pallas Athena, the asteroid of wisdom, healing and the arts, favorably affects both planets. Expect the unexpected and don't count on the usual depth of your excitement or optimism, just because Jupiter sits prominently in your chart. Be wary of making risky or unusual financial decisions; instead spend some time rethinking, adjusting or revising your financial plans or future expenditures. Continue you tithing, and be prudent with trying to make large purchases, so wait until later this fall and stretch your dollars anywhere you can in the meantime.

Allow yourself time in order to understand and process communications, specifically those with possible emotional or psychological impact. Be patient with yourself and others where difficulties in being heard or being understood may arise, ask for guidance from within and find the middle path to resolve any disagreements or differences of opinion.

Review your spiritual practices, see where you could meditate more or spend additional time in quiet contemplation or reflection. Maybe it's time to go within and make that commitment to reach a greater understanding of how your inner work reflects and nourishes everything and anything you do. Return to your art projects. Practice healing modalities on yourself or help an animal friend to find comfort from distress. Start reading that book you've put off, and enjoy having a mental vacation from your usual thoughts and concerns. Reach out a helping hand to others who may need your support at this time or ask for that help yourself.

Meditate upon XXI The World card from the tarot for greater understanding of this Jupiter-Uranus aspect.

Blessings, Tom

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