Sunday, September 12, 2010

Animal Totem Energy for the Week of September 12th
Well! last week was just one thing after another, & Tom & I are delighted that it's over! This week we are visited once again by the wonderful energy of horse who comes to give a more disciplined forward movement to our affairs, so we may find that progress is much easier. We got a lot done under the influence of squirrel, but much of it was imposed from the outside, annoying & expensive. This week we can also achieve a lot, but it will likely be of our own choosing, swiftly accomplished, & perhaps even pleasing to the higher senses! Horse has, down through time, been associated with the wind & with magic among other things, so we can expect news, as well as things, people & events to blow through our lives. Perhaps there will also be wind related weather events. The spirits of our ancestors & of the land ride into our lives astride horse, so listen with your psychic self to the voices from other realms for guidance, wisdom & pregognitive insight.

Look over the accomplishments of last week, think clearly & logically about what still needs to be done & get on with it. Anything involving discipline will move forward easily at this time, so exercise programs, artistic pursuits, meditation & pathworking should all benefit, especially if they are done in the company of friends. Find someone with whom you can work through
"The Artist's Way" (by Julia Cameron); start you own little exercise group or join the YMCA with a friend; form a drumming circle or invite a small group of people to join you in a spiritually oriented discussion over pot luck followed by something made with chocolate.

The best use of horse energy is through the tempering of the emotions, & the re-directing of that energy into creative, self-empowering avenues. If you find that what you are trying to do is not moving forward, change course. Either leave the project for later or ask Spirit if it's something you should be doing at all. Then choose another activity that will be more friendly to you at this time.

Have an uplifting & satisfying week!
Blessings, Val

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