Saturday, February 12, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Feb. 13, 2011


Our best & brightest energy this week is delivered by
Hummingbird. She comes to us like a little visitor from the fairie realm who wants for us nothing but the most wonderful outcomes for our endeavors.

Hummingbird energy can herald a time of increased accomplishment, which will be a nice change from the past few months. It's as if some things break free & begin to move or come suddenly to a place of completion. Watch closely for people & things that come out of the past, but in a good way. For example, someone pays you money they owe you, but which you thought was long gone. An inheritance comes your way from someone you barely knew, but who remembered a kindness you showed them long ago. Perhaps a book reappears that contains just what you need to know for some project or circumstance. Maybe you run into an old friend whom you haven't seen for an age, & find that you're both thinking about starting the same kind of business, which now you can form into a partnership with this person. You might have a spontaneous memory from your childhood that allows you to release something that's been blocking your progress. You could even have an unexpected recall from a past life which will help somehow in this lifetime. Gifts from the past are a large part of Hummingbird energy.

Everything you put your hand to during this time has a much better chance of success. This is also the time to re-evaluate your diet with a special emphasis on sugar intake. Do you have enough sweetness in your life? Reveling in the good things that make up your inner & outer environment can give you a wonderful new perspective on your existence. Practice gratitude by writing in your journal each evening three things for which you are grateful. Cultivate the sugar in life. It's all around you & can take the place of actually eating too much sugar.

Color & light are important in Hummingbird energy. This is a good time to learn about colored light therapy, work with colored stones, wear bright colors that bring you joy. Find window charms that will sparkle & cast rainbows all over the place. Sit in the glow of a piece of stained glass in order to absorb the healing energies of the radiant colors. If you're in touch with the unseen guardians of your home & garden, listen to their suggestions about improving your environment for greater health & contentment.

Hummingbird loves to play, so allow yourself new joy at this time. Visit a flower shop just to absorb the energy of the blooms. Maybe take some of them home. Rent a funny movie, eat popcorn & laugh out loud. Enjoy the silliness of life for a change. There will always be plenty of time to be serious later.

Light & Blessings, Val

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