Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Threat of Municiple Street De-Icers

This story comes from one of my animal communication clients who wanted me to pass it along. This woman was walking her dogs in Denver during our recent arctic blast when the snow had piled up & there was a lot of de-icer on the streets. She stopped for a light & one of her dogs sat down & started licking his feet off. Within half an hour he was so ill he couldn't get up, & had passed away before she could get him to the hospital. The vets believed it was toxic poisoning from the de-icer. It's evidently not as uncommon as you'd think, so if you walk in the city, don't let your dogs lick their feet while you're out, & wash them off right away when you get home. The pups might appreciate the warm water on their chilly feet anyway!

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