Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transitioning Full Moons at 29 Degrees - Feb.18, 2011


Tomorrow's Full Moon at 29 degrees Leo (1:36 am mst) is the last of five such moons at 29 degrees which began last October with the 29 degree Aries' Full Moon. Since the first and now the last of these full moons are in the fire element,  inspiration, passion, those things dealing with spirituality, aggression and a change of consciousness tend to be emphasized. This is a time to release and let go of whatever is not working, including both individual, community, national or global issues. For example, a wider feeling of generosity is highlighted both with yourself and with fellow human beings. A real chance to extend a welcoming hand, help to resolve those longstanding feuds, injustices or states of being that no longer fit your ideology, or even your pocketbook.  It is an opportunity to change your way of viewing problems, and examine them in an out of the box manner. Here again, thinking in the usual ways will lead only to the same conclusions; hence, a different way of proceeding and processing is needed. Even in our individual lives, have we taken the time to be generous and giving to ourselves, to relax when necessary, to approach a difficult circumstance in a totally novel way or to nurture our inner child? Or in a larger context, have we lent someone a hand or a kind smile, donated to a cause, given time to straighten out another who seems to bother us, or have we given of ourselves in new and novel ways to help a larger cause? All of these questions help us to focus our attention so we can  understand and use these influences now. 

Yesterday, scientists reported a spectacular and powerful solar flare, the size of which has not been witnessed in four years, and the Sun's releasing activity in this event makes it not only coincide with this Full Moon, but it gives us more geomagnetic energy to add to the already increased electromagnetic activity present in this first of six super moons this year. Be aware that communications may be disrupted and in some cases intensified, so be cautious and possibly delay any stressful conversations until next week. Use the increase in inspiration and creativity to throw yourself into writing in your journal, meditating more, actually doing your art or making a scrumptious meal for a loved one. 

There are six planets, asteroids and the north node in the air element now, and six in earth. Only two are in water which indicates that our feelings and emotions may need to be carefully monitored and thoughtfully expressed should we become annoyed by anyone or anything. Delaying any difficult communications or projects for the time being is advised. Moving ahead with any sense of clarity and purpose will require careful and thoughtful action. We would be best to use this time in finishing up in any area that is required in order to be able to allow our consciousness to expand and grow both psychologically and spiritually.  Remember to be patient, look to changing how you think in order to embrace a new way, and be compassionate with yourself and other people, especially those who are not easy for you to accept, understand or with whom you disagree.

Use the influence of the Devil in the tarot to exercise constructive constraints in all your affairs at this time, and know that the more discipline you can exercise now, the more it will pay off in the future.

Blessings, Tom   

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