Sunday, August 29, 2010

Amimal Totem Energy For the Week of Aug. 29 - Sept. 4
Peacock comes this week to help us address issues concerning the cycles of death and rebirth, because down through the centuries, peacock has had close associations with the phoenix, symbol of extinction and regeneration. This week will see the removal of some circumstances, people and things that no longer serve our well-being, growth and evolution. We may not know what will replace that which is taken away, but whatever comes, it will be for our benefit. Avoid melodrama,which will be very tempting at this time, as it can only interfere with the evolutionary process in which we are engaged. There will be choices to make especially concerning our belief systems and ideologies, whether political, spiritual, moral, academic or other purely mental constructs by which we govern our lives. Peacock's voice is very discordant to some ears, so take a lesson from this and don't try to convert others to your way of thinking by shouting louder than anyone else. Remember, everyone is under this influence at this time, so talking louder may not get your message across after all. Whatever comes, the phoenix will always rise from the ashes, so let go, release with grace what is no longer part of your soul's path, even if there is pain, for new energy and life will rush in to take the place of the old.

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  1. The Peacock story was written for me just now.