Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tom Says Saturn & Vesta Are Affecting You Now

Vesta, the asteroid of hearth, home & service, entered Libra August 9th to influence Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto for about the next month, so re-balancing, re-energizing, revitalizing, reestablishing, recommitting & restructuring fit well energetically now. Do you feel the urge to check in with your partner and family relationships? Is Aunt Betsy or Grandpapa Michael calling for you? Or is it time to be alone with your loved one, hide out and have fun? How about a quiet retreat used for resting, journaling and meditating without any should's, oughts or have-tos. How about renting that epic movie or mini series and firing up the popcorn maker while you both enjoy time vegging out. Or, is it the time to set a preliminary course for having some major fun; something exciting, or that out-0f-the-box experience or journey you've thought about for so long. Revisiting an unresolved relationship issue in order to deepen your love and understanding, spending time to find a solution to an old problem, or volunteering at your favorite animal shelter would also find energy with these astrological influences. Whatever it is, be passionate and free thinking about it. For Aug. 19th, 21st and the 27th, along with the 3rd and 9th of Sept., be vigilant about your time, feelings and commitments. Work easy and take extra downtime.
May this help you on your journey.

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  1. Hello! Melissa here, Pisces. I had an amazing reading with Tom yesterday @ Herbs & Arts! This was my first of many readings with Tom. I have had astrology checkups many times before, but this one was a true blessing! Tom not only pointed out my upcoming "roadsigns",but also zero'd right in on my psychological make~up and how the whole picture fits together for me! It was by far the most,detailed, spirit filled, caring, magical asrology reading I have ever had! :) I feel truly blessed to have found Tom!