Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pallas Athena & Juno Help Us Until the End of the Year

While Saturn & Pluto still present us with turning points and challenge all of our relationships, Pallas Athena, the asteroid of wisdom, healing and the arts, and Juno, the asteroid of intimate partnerships, square each other and help us focus in more detail on our deepest and dearest soul relationships. These two asteroids are influencing us now and will continue to do so through the end of this year, which will help to galvanize us in finding ways of creating more love and harmony, greater communication and understanding. Be adventurous and novel in your approach to change and transformation now. Strengthen your purpose and intent to grow within; challenge the status quo, learn from it and chart new territory. Feel the magnificence of how your inner growth facilitates what you'd like to have manifest on the outside. Seek novel ways of saying 'I love you,' sending heartfelt blessings, acts of kindness and compassion to your very special loved one. All of these efforts at deepening your connections give gifts of feeling renewed, invigorated and recommitted to love at the core of your being. That smile of understanding and knowing will follow you everywhere, and others will benefit from your loving radiance. All your other relationships benefit from your enhanced state of being and feeling. Let the music begin.

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