Friday, October 8, 2010

Venus Retrogrades for 6 weeks .....

Venus, the planet of love, attraction, beauty, the arts and resources, begins its retrograde phase today for about 6 weeks, until November 18th when it stations and returns to its direct motion. In the sign of Scorpio, Venus is in its detriment or at its weakest influence until Nov. 7th, and then it re-enters Libra when it has greater effect because Venus rules Libra. Retrograde motion refers to the 're-doing' of something; for example, rethinking, reconfiguring, re-balancing, re-solidifying; possibly re-establishing your foundations, relationships, creativity, and whatever needs reexamining or thoughtful introspection is best accomplished now. The time to take action most effectively with these new insights is when Venus reaches the degree at which it first retrograded, which in this case would be Dec. 19th.

During this phase, you may experience old grievances or hurts, visit old situations and past ways of behaving, or be challenged psychologically or emotionally in unexpected situations. Old jealousies, frustrations, unjust comparisons toward others or competitiveness within or between relationships may suddenly surface. The universe may provide you with valuable lessons in any uncharted area or unproven ground. These challenges mean new ways of processing and responding, and you will feel supported in these endeavors when you look within. Be still and accept the lesson and what it has to offer you in order to further evolve. Demonstrate your best resolve and patience, and choose your words kindly, being mindful to monitor your feelings and show them respectfully. Seek the help of your loved ones and those you trust if you feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to handle yourself in these sticky psychologically potent times.

When Venus returns to Libra on Nov. 7th, it carries a stronger influence for what you are trying to accomplish, and you may feel more certain of where you're, going and stronger in your feelings about what to do. What major actions or changes you take will probably work better after Dec. 19th. You have ample time in order to plan and process how you will resolve a conflict or repair a wounded heart. Write in your journal daily to deepen how your feel about what you're working on, and experience it from all angles. Let your intuition guide you in your daily writing. Rehashing any old business gives you not only new insights, but it can release stress and tension and allow you to face the upset or challenge in ways that align your
subconscious with your conscious mind, avoiding any missteps or self-sabotage on your part. Dialogging with your inner self is empowering and regenerating, and with Venus retrograde opportunities for renewal and transformation are available as are the lessons necessary for your soul's growth.

Use the energy of the tarot's XIX The Sun to help you because it embodies a sense of joy and will help offset any difficulties Venus retrograde might represent.

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