Friday, October 1, 2010

Mercury's Difficulties with Pluto

Mercury conflicts with Pluto possibly bringing major communication glitches, inconsistencies, setbacks, delays, and most likely power struggles in your relationships, your healing work, jobs or with your artistic adventures and creations. This planetary alignment begins today, continues through next week, and it will certainly foster uneasy times with trying to be heard or in getting your point across. Loved ones and bosses may bring up touchy subjects which require you to be more patient than usual, so by all means listen carefully and allow your emotions to complement what you are communicating. You may experience more heated discussions, differing opinions or all out verbal fights. Use forethought and clear judgment in picking what you want to talk about, delaying that touchy situation to resolve later; you may find a better outcome toward the end of next week. Snags or delays may occur in getting done what you want; again, those projects which rely mainly on conversation or the written word, require extra time and reasoning. Remember that a touch of honey-love attracts the best in everyone and brings greater joy and compassion to all.

Early next week, Saturn joins this arrangement and can offer greater stability when seeking clarity and understanding, and will bring more peaceful outcomes to your concerns involving others. Workplace problems can find resolutions now, because of Saturn's influence. Don't wait for your colleagues or boss to step in for you, but take the initiative yourself and follow your heart to find the wisdom and guidance which leads to success. All situations are for your greatest good, even if that is not immediately apparent. Trust that what you say and do will guide you where you need to be.

Meditate upon the tarot's Six of Swords for a deeper understanding of this energy. In this card, even though we're in the middle of an unsteady flow, we are still moving into calmer waters and away from the white water current.

Blessings, Tom

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