Monday, October 4, 2010

Animal Totem Energy for the Week of Oct. 3
The wild & haunting call of the Loon invites you to come into the wilderness of your dreams to travel unafraid with the ideas & images that are always the most reliable guidance you have. Those metaphors that emerge from the very depths of your being can be terribly frightening nightmares or supremely inspiring illuminations, but whichever they are, they are yours alone & belong only to you. Perhaps they re-hash unfinished business from the past, which you must re-visit, understand more completely, forgive & release, or there might appear some unlikely & creative way for dealing with circumstances in the present. Your dreams will often help guide you into the future as well. A warning could appear as you contemplate a new opportunity or option, or a signal light shines about someone with whom you are thinking about becoming involved. A spiritual path could be illuminated for you, or a new guide or teacher might appear. Some of these things will probably deserve more attention this week.

Loon is not too graceful on land, but is a great adept in the water, the element of the emotions. Ask Loon to help you grow & strengthen in that area, for the ability to cleanly process your emotions & to read correctly those of others will always put you far ahead in understanding your place & purpose in the circumstances of your life. This way always starts with the past & any leftover baggage of hurt, resentment, or misunderstanding, as well as the past promise of all of the hopes, dreams, & desires, fulfilled or not, that you may still be carrying around. Ask Loon to help you clear the way for this process of releasing & forgiveness.

Loon's haunting voice always reminds me of Spirit asking me to remember my inner world if I have strayed, & to pay attention to the dreams I have for my future that may have gotten put aside in the hypnotic round of everyday life. Spirit wants us to be happy, & creativity is a part of that happiness. Dreams are the way we begin the process of imaginatively manifesting new directions in our lives from the raw material being gifted to us from the depths of our souls. Loon can help us to bring those gifts to the surface. Don't compromise by turning your back on something that to the conscious mind may seem out of reach. Absolutely anything can happen!

Loon carries her young on her back to keep them safe & warm. Just so, you can carry your dreams safely hidden within until you have given them time to mature, & to protect them from the potentially unconscious & insensitive opinions of others. Many cultures teach that telling someone your most precious thoughts will drain the power from them, so keep your dreams in your dream-pack securely on your back. You will know intuitively when it's time to present them to the world of your soul circle friends.

I hope your week will be cosmic & filled with wonderful visions for you.
Blessings, Val

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