Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mars Squares Neptune, Mercury Trines Neptune

Mars in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius affecting spirituality, belief systems, regeneration and transformation now through October 26th, with its exact aspect on October 22nd. Difficulties in trying to accomplish things, outbursts of unexpected emotion, argumentative behavior or turf conflicts are possible. Chiron, the asteriod of the wounded healer as well as the quest for truth, joins Neptune and adds uncertainty and psychological dis-ease. Handle these influences with sensitivity, a clear mind and an open heart. Pushing your agenda or the emotional buttons of others will only aggravate an already peculiar and fussy few weeks. Accomplish what you can when circumstances warrant a better than average chance for success, otherwise wait until these aspects end in order to move forward, particularly with your beliefs and in your spiritual practices. Be aware of the likelihood of accidents or unexpected emotional outbursts.

Mercury in Libra trines Neptune in Aquarius starting today and continuing through October 22, having its greatest influence on October 18th, bringing ease, depth, and greater intuition and understanding in communication, relationships, the arts, beauty, and spirituality. In addition, Mercury and Chiron's effects can temper the current energy and uncertainty of Mars conflicting with Neptune. You feel more confident in what you are saying and believing now. Journaling and quiet contemplation will bring insight and a deepening of your spiritual beliefs, faith, as well as offering greater encouragement and understanding of your psychological and emotional states. Taking action and moving forward may be more fruitful on the 18th. Give focus and time to your creative interests and projects now, and experience a greater sense of accomplishment and success as well.

Meditate upon the tarot's Six of Swords to help you navigate any difficult or turbulent currents as you make your way toward calmer waters.

Blessings, Tom

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