Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amimal Totem Energy For the Week of Nov. 21
Jaguar cames with an invitation to reclaim your own power from those who may have taken it away either physically, emotionally or spiritually. The energy opens now for you to look at those places inside where parts of you may be not just damaged, but missing; work with ceremony, soul retrieval, dreams, shamanic pathworking, or with a spiritual adviser to discover where there are empty places that need to be filled and healed. When trauma enters you life, parts of you can flee out of grief or fear, and because whatever is happening is just too severe to process. Now is reclamation time.

Simply knowing about a past event and how it may have damaged you is a first step in the process, but in order to recall parts of your precious inner being that may have gone underground, a more direct approach is needed. Calling these parts back is a mysterious and dramatic path, and Jaguar, being one of the most powerful of the big cats, lends us his energy at this time to use on this journey within. He will guide you to the right technique for your personal task, whether it be dreamwork, a shamanic practitioner or something else. Constructing your own personal ceremony is also very powerful and can be a part of any other way.

On a more mundane level, Jaguar may be asking you to remember to keep your plans close to your heart again this week, as there may be others who don't have your best interests foremost, and will be happy to sabotage your efforts.

There's also a tendency at this time to act and speak more aggressively than is absolutely necessary, so try to remember that in gentleness is the greatest strength; meditate on an image of Jaguar with her cub.

So, in the beginning of the madness of the holidays, Jaguar is asking that we step in a different direction, and move into our own power as we grant ourselves the gift of wholeness.

Blessings on Your Journey, Val

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