Saturday, November 27, 2010

Animal Totem Energy For the Week of Nov. 28
Caterpillar comes this week to remind us that we're still not ready to show the world our wonderful ideas. The life phase of caterpillar is one of strengthening and preparing, so we find ourselves given more time to clarify, add to, and perfect what we've been working on. (Actually good energy for this time before the holidays when we may be keeping gifts secret for those we love). The energy of caterpillar is quite delicate, so once again, keep your projects and ideas close to your heart and pursue their fulfillment so when you do bring them out into the world, they'll be as perfect as you can make them.

There is also still the possibility of someone actually trying to block our path, so don't just trust without investigation. If you have been keeping up with this blog, you'll remember that this energy of potential sabotage has been going on for awhile, so be patient.

Because caterpillar sheds his skin several times before journeying on to his butterfly stage, he reminds us that in order for new ideas to manifest, old beliefs must be discarded. So, as you're preparing, remember to catch any worn out ideas, plans, goals, or even people that are no longer empowering to you at this time. Anything you keep by you out of fear or sentimentality will only block your creative flow.

Caterpillar focuses on one thing: getting strong so he will have enough energy to go through the great transformation into butterfly. He doesn't scatter his energies, but finds the best, most beneficial foods, and eats his way to strength. Follow caterpillar's example and husband your energies in secret so when the time comes, what you're ready to give to the world will be at its most splendid.

Blessings, Val

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  1. I just now found out that you have a blog! I love it!

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