Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mercury conjunct Mars until Dec. 18,2010

Mercury joins Mars in Sagittarius beginning today, lasting until December 18th. The most powerful time will be on November 20th, when they are in exact aspect. Communication and getting things done dominate your time; ideas, words and insights flourish. Your higher self is stimulated philosophically and spiritually, which can promote amazing leaps in your consciousness, since the new moon in Scorpio on November 5th set the stage for growth and advancement. Letters, emails and other written or oral communications need extra focus on expressing clearly what you want to say or get accomplished. Aggressive thoughts, word choices, or hasty, ill-thought out changes in your direction can lead to regret over ever having brought up these concerns, so let caution and kindness be your guide during these times, and you will achieve greater and more meaningful progress.

Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn on the December 10th until the 29th, influencing Mars from December 10th through the 18th. Use additional care, clarity and focus if you readjust,
what you set in motion earlier in order to maximize your success. Wait until after December 29th to begin new projects or to make large purchases.

All the outer planets will have their effects on this conjunction of Mercury and Mars. which brings a trans-personal level of influence to everyone. Pluto's influences from November 29th through December 18th will bring to the fore transformation and power issues in business, financial affairs or possibly your personal life. Circumstances may become better or worse depending on where Pluto's transiting in your personal astrological chart. Neptune's effects on Mercury from November 21st through December 4th, and on Mars from November 22nd through December 12th cause confusion, delays or changes of direction in your thinking and your ability to complete your projects. Be watchful of your time and commitments, and don't overextend yourself. Uranus's influence from November 22nd through December 4th, with Mercury, and through December 12th with Mars brings the unexpected; rethink your beliefs and take a wait-and-see approach to any long term projects or personal commitments.

On the other hand, Saturn will lend structure, discipline, and personnel changes to your business or personal life from November 12th through the 23rd, so stay flexible and remain mindful of the changes and constraints which may be called for now. Jupiter, associated with optimism and expansion, as well as philosophy and spirituality, will have a less than its usual fortunate affects on completing your projects or dealing with your personal affairs; however, this influence lasts only from November 22nd through December 1st with Mercury and through December 10th with Mars.

The asteroids Pallas Athena and Chiron are also players during this time. Pallas Athena, the asteroid of wisdom, intuition and healing, lends her love and strength to your communication skills and aids in finding creative solutions to your projects from November 10th through December 12th. Follow her guidance and find yourself wiser, happier and more satisfied in all that you have accomplished. Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer and the quest for truth, brings spiritual clarity and higher thinking to Mercury's influence from November 22nd through December 4th, and Mars' influence from November 23rd through December 11th, helping you to integrate your spiritual practices into whatever you are doing. Chiron focuses on keeping healing and understanding as your primary concerns in communication or negotiation with others, and offers you the power to break through to new common ground. Sudden insights may facilitate the completion of projects which seemed difficult to accomplish earlier.

Because the holidays can trigger unexpected issues, sensitive communications, contracts, and other large life changes are better left alone until these planetary influences subside after the 18th of December. Try to remain understanding of other people's points of view, fears and hopes, and encourage your inner pilot to take the high road in whatever situation you find yourself, specifically when Mercury and Mars are exact on November 20th .

The tarot's the King of Cups works with this energy in offering an open window to healing and releasing old hurts during this time. Also, heed the advice of older, more sensitive mentors who may have a different perspective which could help you along your path.

Find out how these planets and asteriods affect your personal astrological chart, and how you can best use these energies. Call Tom @ 303-692-9299.

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