Saturday, November 13, 2010
Turtle comes this week to remind us of the cycles of the moon and of the wisdom of Mother Earth. A week from Sunday, on Nov. 21st, is a full moon in Taurus, an earth sign, which could give special strength to earth-energy events such as earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. As the moon's energies increase this week, so does the influence of Turtle. She lives in water, not on land, and can feel the vibrations of events happening around her as they pass through her element. Pay attention this week to what you feel more than to what seems more obvious in the world of everyday life, because what you feel will be more accurate than what you see.

Water is the element of the emotions; Turtle, with her beautiful shell, flies weightlessly right through this element, finding food, shelter and companionship. The emotional body in humans can be fine-tuned to be one of the most exquisitely sensitive receptors of etheric messages if the emotions are cleared, calmed and filled with unconditional love. No small order, but one worth pursuing, and there's an open passage for this effort right now. Imagine cruising serenely as Turtle through the water with all your receptors open and willing to feel the universal energy flowing in waves all around, bringing you messages of wisdom and peace.

Turtle also is closely aligned with Mother Earth in many traditions across the planet, so spend some time this week bringing yourself closer to the precious being who gives us shelter, food, and such beauty as can hardly be fathomed. She needs us to care for her in loving and responsible ways, now more than ever. Don't give in to "Green Movement Burnout." Caring for the earth starts and ends with us, and it is a never-ending effort. Meditate with Turtle, ask for guidance about what part you can play in this endeavor, then step up and do just one thing each week to make this home of ours a little cleaner, safer, more beautiful.

Turtle's energy is kind, deep and wise; a delightful presence this week.
Blessings, Val

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