Saturday, January 22, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 23, 2011

Crow comes flapping & cawing into our space to remind us that magic's afoot. This energy brings mystery, strange & unexpected new circumstances, as well as the potential for forcing us to face some deep fears. Whether through accident, illness or events originating in the outer community, we may have to pull up & pay attention to something our higher self wants us to know. Whatever happens now will be highly symbolic, mirroring our own internal conditions or those in the collective consciousness. For better or worse, we will be forced to look at the truth of our own thoughts, beliefs & attitudes.

Communal activities will probably go better than those undertaken in solitude. Creativity can be fertile ground for manifesting, but be open to things coming about oddly. Step back from conscious-mind interpretations. Let your intuition be the guide, as it will make more sense right now than trying to reason things through. For example, if you find yourself brought down by illness, take a look at how you've been approaching life lately. Have you been getting enough good food, rest & exercise, or have you allowed yourself to get worn down & overextended so you're vulnerable? Everything is connected, & this time is perfect for ferreting out the hidden reasons for the situations in which you might find yourself now.

Crow is very opportunistic, & will steal what he wants. Watch your valuables, including your time & energy. Do not allow to be stolen what you cannot afford to lose.

Leave room for magic this week.

Blessings, Val

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