Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 30, 2011

Spiritual perception & creativity are heightened this week as Scarlet Macaw guides you through what may be some strange visions. Trust what you see even if it doesn't seem to make sense. If you make art, turn these specters into something beautiful & meaningful.

This is a time to align with your emotions. Trust what you feel as long as it takes you in a productive direction, but if your emotions seem to be getting in your way, then it's time to re-evaluate the age level from which you're reacting. Has you inner five year-old emerged because of fear or anger? Does that anger have its foundations in fear? It's very important right now to get to the bottom of destructive emotions & find a way to release them in a positive & healing fashion. Macaw advises you to pay attention to how your emotions may be affecting your health. Discover ways to dissipate unwanted energies that can leave you feeling vulnerable to accidents or passing viruses. Trace minerals can be beneficial at this time.

Your spiritual life could become very energized at this point, so record absolutely everything in your journal - you may not understand until later what all the commotion was about, but at least you will have written it all down. This is not so much a time for listening to other people, whether spiritual friends or teachers, but rather to look & listen within & be amazed at what new insights & wisdom your own highest self has been accumulating for you. This is where you will always find your best teacher anyway. Most of the time we rely on the flow from the outside going in from books & teachers, but now it's time to work the energy in the opposite direction. So, put away the books for awhile & simply be still & listen.

Macaw heralds a long period of creativity, which could change your life & point it off in a new direction. There are so many potential outlets for this energy from cooking to sculpture, writing to interior design, landscape gardening to sewing beautiful clothing! Allow yourself to soar. Don't veto anything, as that passing vision could be the inspiration for a new life path. During these times of such huge changes on our planet, your personal world & inner life are trying to mirror the vast influences around you. You can can react with fear & anger, or revel in the opportunities the energy offers. I hope you will turn fear into beauty, anger into inspiration.

Blessings, Val

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  1. i got a macaw feather tattoo in december as the macaw is a big part of my life and i wanted it to be with me for ever... reading this, and looking at my life and knowing that this is what the macaw represented for me, and seeing it written down by someone else, it is truly amazing and i am so grateful to have found this message... and wanted to let you know that i am a macaw, soaring high and creating more than you know. check my website-- ... thankyou for making what i already felt and knew, even stronger!!!!! much love one love