Friday, January 7, 2011

Tom's Astrology Overview for Amazing 2011

Wow, our holidays were far different than we ever could have imaged ... so my apologies for my lack of blogging. Now ...

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, willing to release whatever you have been feeling that sticks, saddens, scares, overwhelms or mystifies you? This new year has the potential to lift you into higher and higher realms, send you deeper and deeper into your consciousness in all ways, and allow you to grow and expand your spirituality, life's purpose and being-ness.

Showcasing six eclipses, three outer planets changing signs, and countless other amazing astrological events, 2011 will teach and challenge us in higher and more inspiring ways. These planetary influences provide numerous opportunities to look at ourselves, strive for the inner changes we've always wanted to make, and avail ourselves of the wisdom in the stars which will produce results in our outer world, making 2011 a year to value and inspire. This hasn't been the case over the last three or more years when being down and discouraged, directionally-challenged, and feeling weird, scared or bewildered was the norm.

The five outer planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter bring us our greatest lessons and give us the opportunity to grow exponentially when they interact both creatively and adversely, and move into new signs as all of them have in the last three years. So that's why we have experienced confusing, often turbulent and strangely challenging emotions which have lead us to question even our basic psychological and spiritual needs. Some of us have faced our worst fears, be they financial, familial, personal or global. Sadness, disappointments, unexpected events have often brought us to our knees questioning our most fundamental beliefs, and making us feel as if we have lost our way.

If you analyze all that's happened with the planets, asteroids or even with the fixed stars, it seems mind-boggling and you tend to cycle back down once again. Throughout 2011 in these pages, I intend to help you understand how to use these current astrological events in order to calm your fears and allow you to return to a more peaceful and fulfilling state of being. Now back to what's going on astrologically so far for 2011.

Last Tuesday we witnessed the first of six eclipses; this was a solar eclipse in Capricorn (2:02 am mst). Eclipses generally offer opportunities to release anything old, worn-out, confusing or misunderstood, as well as to initiate a beginning of whatever needs to be the next new thing in your life. Because of the influence of Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas Athena affecting this Sun-Moon joining, anything that has affected our outer life and environment negatively can be released, forgiven or left behind. Hence all the current earth and weather anomalies; excessive flooding and mudslides, tornadoes or extreme weather in places where it normally doesn't happen. Visualize lack of discipline in any area, your misunderstandings with anyone, your states of acting out of character, even your control issues lifting away from you and evaporating into thin air. Don't look back!

Due to this eclipse, you may start a new exercise routine, deepen your spiritual practice, be able to focus and concentrate better than you have in months, have a greater belief in yourself in many areas, accept the challenge to grow your relationship with your loved one, and have a general feeling that there is more available lightness in the air and in your being. You may adjust, expand or change other relationships at work, home or in the community. Unexpected events and circumstances may arise but your response to them will be clearer, lighter and easier to make. This eclipse's energies are dominant for the next four to five months.

Both January and February's full moons at 29 degrees call us to complete what we can in any area in order to allow new cycles, energies and influences to raise and expand our visions, our opportunities, potential and consciousness in our loving and nurturing natures, in our creativity and in our amazing spirits. More on this in my next blog.

Use the influence of the World XXI card of the tarot to assist you in all that is different and inspiring in the beginning of 2011. The World will inspire us in closing out and leaving behind what no longer serves, as well as expanding our world view to encompass all beings. We really are all one and now's the time to start acting like it. Make ceremonies of releasing to help make letting go a reality

Blessings, Tom

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