Saturday, January 8, 2011

Animal Totem Energy - Week of Jan. 9, 2011

Photo: Gerd Rossen

Black Bird visits this week to guide us through some emotional intensity & self-doubt that may crop up. The people around you may seem to push all your red buttons, circumstances will conspire to test all our weakest places, and as a result, you may suffer inappropriate emotional outbursts that are apt to damage relationships in many areas. You can be left with feelings of guilt, which you'll have to heal with apologies. Make special efforts to avoid giving into road rage at this time; I just let other drivers win the race, & most often we end up at the next light at exactly the same time. The flower essence or essential oil of pine can help alleviate & bring peace to these highly charged emotional states. Diffuse the oil at home, & put some on a cotton pad in your car's ashtray to send you on your way in calm serenity.

On a more positive note, Black Bird can remind you to channel overheated emotions into creative areas. If you like to do art, this is the perfect time to reach deeply into these waters & get out onto paper, canvas, clay, into dance, cooking or the written word all that roils up from the depths. Get plenty of exercise, indulge in healthy foods; treat yourself well as you process, because emotions gone unprocessed can literally make you sick. They can also sabotage your efforts in any area at all as long as they go unrecognized.

Remember that you may not be seeing things clearly at this time, so allow for a later change of heart. You may talk yourself out of things that will be important to revisit in the future, so take notes & don't throw anything away.

Working with the emotions can be so liberating, but you have to actually do something to change them rather than just getting through them. These conscious actions will bring healing, movement & space to breathe. Whatever comes along acting as the trigger this week is sent to allow you the opportunity to free yourself from the past & move into the future differently than before.

Move safely this week.
Blessings, Val

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