Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Transitioning Full Moons at 29 Degrees - Jan.19, 2011

Tomorrow's 29' Cancer full moon (2:22 PM mst) is the 4th in a series which began last October with a 29' Aries full moon; this heralds the beginning of the last months of releasing the old and outdated, what's done, or what needs a new approach or perspective, or what needs to be forgiven and released. This letting go is essential in order to graduate to the next level of learning and consciousness, which for these two moons concerns one's higher self, spiritual practices and higher learning, or collectively what has been lurking in the unconscious. Whatever has restricted, confined or trapped us in any way needs to go.

For November's full moon at 29' Taurus, business, financial, societal or outer consciousness ways of being, outmoded and unfair practices, methods, or otherwise stuck issues had to be released. This allowed all of us to begin the recovery back to abundance, prosperity, and in our consciousness, the merging of our feminine and masculine sides. In this way we can transform ourselves with this newer and more solid foundation so we can gain a settled sense of psychological health, and emotional and spiritual well-being. Many of us have experienced such shifts in energy both in our inner being and with outside influences so that we have not been clear, focused or steady with anything that we are trying to initiate, adjust or accomplish. It seems as if the other shoe has not dropped, and our old ones no longer fit.

And concerning last December's full moon and solar eclipse, our letting go and forgiving seemed to focus on friendships, groups, our dreams and wishes, and humanitarian or ecological concerns. We may have freed up our intuition to serve our needs more effectively or had insights into what could be a more glorious, positive and fruitful future. Some of these veils of mental cloudiness and general dis-ease at where we seem to be going needed to be acknowledged, forgiven and released. When our glass is full, even with confusion and doubts, we still need to dump them and move on to new places.

Back to the 29' Cancer full moon which involves Uranus, Jupiter, the asteroids Juno and Vesta; this will yield more direct and challenging influences and activities concerning your loved ones, home-life and relatives in general, as well as your spiritual learning and practices or possibly things hidden in your unconscious, which until now were hidden or difficult to give up. Increasing your physical activities in the form of exercise, yoga or additional meditation will work to ease these current planetary energies. Writing in your journal or doing art are creative ways to process how you have been feeling or what you would not want to tell another if they they have been difficult or annoying. Rant in your journal or in your drawings, and come to a higher place in understanding yourself and forgiving those who come as your challenges. Watch what you project now onto anyone or any animal who may be troubling, and instead see how what they are doing may really be something you do as well. What is important now is to challenge yourself and not others, make progress on those hard personal lessons which will allow your relationships to prosper and grow in love, understanding and compassion. These are the times in relationships when karmic ties can be processed, released and forgiven or made more challenging and ingrained, and the choice is yours. Your spiritual family can be of greater assistance to you now in not only helping you to figure out what has been bugging you but in providing you with behavioral alternatives or unexpected opportunities in understanding yourself now.

And remember February's Leo full moon completes the cycle of these five 29 degree moons, all of which offer you advantages and opportunities to turn the corner in self-understanding by release all that feels stuck in whatever is happening in your life. Do take this time to quietly examine where you are and where you'd like to go in order to more fully realize who you are. Your loved ones and friends will see how you've changed and grown.

Use the influence of the Six of Pentacles, which helps you to claim the fruits of your labors. This is the card of giving and receiving, as well as guarding against being bought off by someone who may not have your best interests at heart.

Blessings, Tom

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  1. thank you for the astrology guidance and the animal totem information...every insight about the forces around us..helps !
    Keep up the awesome work.
    ps...the dancing golden retriever was awesome!